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Importance of Parent-Teacher Meeting In Enhancing Student Performance

“When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.”

How well a student functions in the virtual classrooms and how they respond to online education is an essential piece of information that parents need to acquire. And, who is going to provide them with this vital piece of information? The teachers who spend a considerable part of their schedule with these very students! Parent-teacher meetings are important events that cast a positive influence on the lives of the students and motivate them to rectify their errors and work harder.

Do you know that the holistic development of the students is a cumulative effect of the influences exercised by the parents and teachers on the lives of the students? Parent-teacher meeting bridges the gap between the parents and mentors of the students. They get a chance to discuss the students’ progress while also shedding substantial light on their areas of improvement.

Now that the entire education system has been switched to online, attending an online parent-teacher meeting has become way too simple. Since parents stay immersed in their working schedules, they often tend to ignore going for these. Thanks to the digitalization of education, parents can now quickly meet their wards’ mentors from anywhere, just by logging into the online meeting.

Essential Tips For Parents To Follow At The Time Of The Meet

  • Parents need to ensure that they join the virtual PTM on time.
  • They need to take the educator’s remarks about their child’s academic progress and holistic development into proper consideration.
  • For better reception of the teachers’ feedbacks, they may consider noting down the chief remarks in a notepad or any document on their devices.
  • They need to utilize this opportunity to solve the doubts that they have regarding their children’s academics.
  • Parents can even bring up certain weaker areas of their children and seek suggestions from the teachers as to how they can bring proper improvement in those specific areas of their wards.
  • Parents can even take suggestions from the teachers on how they can start playing an active role in their children’s academics.

Benefits Of PTM In Enhancing The Students’ Academic Performance

#1: Leads To The Holistic Development Of The Child

By meeting, the parents and teachers get to discuss, on a common platform, the various requirements of a student and their areas of weakness on which they need to work upon. Integration of the students’ well-wishers- parents and mentors on the same meeting platform are essential to bringing about the overall, holistic development of the student. This is an important event where a student’s academic progress and various other needs are discussed to ensure that the students become capable enough to navigate through the maze and make the correct choice conducive to their development.

#2: Makes For An Apt Interactive Platform To Gain Insights Into Students’ Performances

A parents-teacher meeting opens ways to properly discuss the students’ performance and attitude in the online class. It offers the guardians more significant insights into their skills, strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, interests, specific traits, and class participation. By getting an accurate knowledge of the student’s activities and performance in the class, parents will have an idea as to what efforts they have to put to further help the students in excelling in their academic domain.

#3: Two-Way Sharing Of Information About The Students’ Performance Made Possible Via The Meeting

Through the PTM, two-way sharing of students’ academic performance and achievements have been made possible. Teachers can share the demeanor and behavioral features of the students with their parents, and the parents can share their children’s attitudes and activities at home. In this way, both the parents and teachers will learn about the students’ behavior and activities during both the online class hours and after the class hours. This will help both the teachers and parents to condition the students in the best way possible.

A parent-teacher meeting is instrumental in bringing positive growth in the academic excellence of the students. They would be guided better after the teachers have taken proper inputs from the parents about the students and vice versa. Since it has a plethora of benefits, parents need to ensure they are attending the meetings regularly. Such are the powers of PTMs!

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