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6 Promising Technologies in E-Learning

At the onset of this new decade, teachers are experiencing a kind of renaissance through the virtual classrooms that provide easy access to the host and the attendees. Achievements and accolades are now regular aspects of the education sector, with higher engagement rates and creative teaching methods being duly recognized. The future promises a renewal of educational organizations accompanied by an uptick in the current management pattern. Students are now provided with the greatest avenue to update themselves on the changing curriculums, further helping them choose the career options that serve them well.

E-learning is the most modern online learning method that opens a broad range of features to aid teachers and students in their pursuit of outstanding scores. But these platforms aren’t mere digital spaces displaying the instructional material for the semester; the sessions are brought to life through the animated theorizing of concepts in the textbooks. The rubrics are set on a different scale to help students achieve the desired levels by pacing their approach according to the adopted learning methods. As we keep perusing, new projects are being launched and a slew of ideas take the form of prototypes, pushing the boundaries for the e-learning sector. If you engage in online learning practices, look out for the following technologies that are bound to change the educational outlook.

1. Virtual Reality

Advanced technologies hold a place in various industries, but only a few innovations like VR have managed to hustle their way into the common sphere to have widespread applications. It is a computer technology that immerses us into the world of knowledge with the headsets that also set the environment using multiple sensations, including hearing and vision. Sounds and images are juxtaposed on the screens that have layered definitions to the topics under discussion. Most students might be aware of the potential of these devices, ranging from gaming to learning. Unlike the traditional online learning methods, Virtual Reality uses different features to build an interface for the transfer of knowledge. On wearing these headsets, the students can have a 360° view of the objects in view. E-learning companies have started hiring trained professionals to integrate the best of this technology into their products.

2. Augmented Reality

Elements of life are rendered into digital forms for the students to imbibe, where reality is only a touch away, though tangibility here can be mystifying to most users. Sensory inputs are incorporated in the broad schematics of AR to turn the learning process into a step-by-step exploration of the concepts, making it easier for the students to grasp each theory to its fullest. Augmented Reality is paving the path of online learning to futuristic extents for a never-like-before experience. Nothing could be as remotely engaging as these sessions on AR headsets.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Machines around us are exhibiting exceptional qualities, only for the developers to equip them with advanced features for easier usage. The intelligence displayed by these machines is commendable considering the energy running in them to transfer data for impeccable functions. Online learning shifted its gear to a faster pace of growth with the use of advanced AI models to transform a typical classroom into a fun-filled space by breaking all the linear techniques of teaching. Students get to access the lessons from anywhere if they have a device readily available. AI helps them set aside time for areas/topics that need more attention by creating timetables and a breakdown structure of the solutions to multiple problems in the subject.

4. Machine Learning

Programmed machines still take us through every page that informs us about the topic under consideration, giving us insights into the dense material that would require long hours of reading and personalized learning methods. Machine learning, on the other hand, is another branch of computer science that makes use of the available data to provide you with knowledge centers that aren't directly programmed by developers. Custom online learning solutions are highlighted by the prospects of Machine Learning, allowing students to up their game according to their past performance.

5. Big Data

In e-learning applications, Big Data is the understated hero that helps developers and data analysts narrow down their options to those features contributing to the fine-tuned final picture. All modules of the interactions on an online learning platform would be recorded and stored for defining the broader term- Big Data. It improves the courses and training patterns if any defects are detected in the feedback or functionality. Most companies in the sector are now setting up a core data center with hundreds of servers to analyze the incoming data.

6. Wearables

Online learning solutions have a way of integrating with multiple platforms to improve the overall approach towards the domain. Wearables, as the name suggests, are electronic devices that are worn by users to accessorize themselves for a highly immersive learning experience. Simulated situations are created using wearables to make the lessons closer to reality and more comprehensible. Virtual classrooms project themselves with an extra dimension of convenience on the wearable devices that route your eyes through the multiple layers of a discipline.


Every technology you have come across on this blog is promising enough to make your online learning experience incredible and irreplaceable. Keep yourself abreast with the updates to upgrade your learning system with the latest features that ensure heightened rigor and vigor.

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