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A Guide on How to Teach Online

Online education opened the doors to new opportunities and possibilities. The advancement of technology has changed our lives. People across the globe are able to communicate with each other within a few clicks. The technology is progressively moving forward and multiple uses for it are generating every day. Online education is one such major advancement. Now, people are using online platforms to share their knowledge to others and work on improving their skills. As the technology around us is constantly evolving, skilled individuals are required to make better use of it. Education helps developing one’s skills and contributes in reducing poverty and achieving peace, stability and gender equality. With the advancement in technology, many teachers and institutions are seeing online education as an alternative to tradition education provided to students in school. Now, they can appeal to students on a global scale.

How to teach online is question many ask and the answer is quite simple, a good online teaching app. The shift from traditional teaching has opened multiple doors for the teachers to now teach students at a global scale. The ability of reaching students around the globe has encouraged teachers to teach online. Since the internet is easily available online teaching is the easiest way to provide education. One of the advantages a teacher gets from online teaching is that they can be anywhere at any time, yet they'll be able to record the lectures and upload it for the students. This comes with individual comfort as well for both the teachers and the students.

Following are the prerequisites on how to teach online:

  • Technology: the teacher should have the right hardware and software. One should invest in getting good computer and a good internet connection.
  • Adequate working environment: Use of sound absorbers, white or blackboard is necessary for the teacher to be able to minimize background noise and explain the concepts clearly. One could also use green screens for explaining concepts with the help of animated videos and computer generated graphs.
  • Communication: Online teaching relies on good communication. Mobile teacher app promotes engagement and interaction irrespective of the location. The teacher should be able to provide a platform where students can ask their questions and get answers in minimal time period. Teachers can also use live chat to communicate with the students while explaining concepts.
  • Ask for feedbacks: Students feedback help the teacher to improve his teaching. It also helps the teacher to plan on how to make the learning more efficient and easy.

A mobile teacher app makes it easier for the school and teachers maintain a digital repository of the class recordings, student assignments, their attendance and performance. It helps better analyze the ability of students, their understanding in subjects and further make plans on how to improve their results. Mobile teacher app makes it easier for teachers to easily provide content and handouts with various applications that use cloud storage and online forms. This method is also environment friendly as the documents or pdf for the handouts are digital, therefore no one has to worry about printing them out in bundles.

This way, the content the handouts can be edited very easily which is not the case with printed one or could just be downloaded into the local system. Online learning enables remote learning, students can access the contents from anywhere. Remote learning ensures that the education doesn’t stop. The documents can be downloaded and accessed anywhere, anytime.

Another benefit of mobile teacher app is that it helps save money as well as time. It also helps keeping up with the deadlines and events, help efficiently notify the students about their schedule and tasks. You can schedule reminders, track previous content and also check for what you have to learn about. Preparation patterns can be tracked, managed and scheduled accordingly.

The education apps are improving the education as well as are making students smarter. There is no limit to what information students can access whether or not it is related to their syllabus. They can learn topics from higher standards too making them hungry for more information. Education mixed with technology is a positive step towards better learning experience and student engagement.

Teachmint is keen on changing the future of education with its advanced LMS and ERP tools. With more than 20+ modules for educational institutions like admission management, attendance management system, performance management, and more; it is changing the teaching-learning experience.

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