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Children's Day Quotes

"The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country."

Children are the greatest assets. Their growing minds, fresh ideas, and innovative skills can take a country to a whole new level. 14 November is celebrated as Children's day in India every year. Children are a delight to be around. Their passion, their inquisitive nature, and their naivety, we can learn a lot from them. Every year on 14 November, Childrens Day is observed to raise awareness about children's rights and education. Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister, was born on this day in 1889. The Prime Minister, known to children as 'Chacha Nehru', believed that children were the true strength of a nation and the cornerstone of society. Childrens Day has been observed in India since 1956, when it was observed on November 20. Following the prime minister's death, the date of his birth was chosen as the date for  Childrens Day in India(14 November).

Here are some amazing quotes from the best leaders of India that one surely read on the occasion of Childrens day-

10 Amazing Children's Day Quotes

1- “The greatest lessons in life, if we would but stoop and humble ourselves, we would learn not from the grown-up learned men, but from the so-called ignorant children.”- Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi always considered children as the individuals with the most kind and innocent heart. He believed that every person on the earth should be humble. He was so fond of children that he considered them as the live example of kindness and humanity.

2- “Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity to children at that level.”-APJ Abdul Kalam

Sir APJ Abdul Kalam was very fond of children, he considered education to be a basic necessity for children. He emphasized on the role of a teacher in a child's life. Throughout his life, he encouraged teachers to give their best as teachers.

3- “The end-product of education should be a free creative man, who can battle against historical circumstances and adversities of nature.” -Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, one of the greatest teachers, leaders that India has ever had believed that the prime objective of education is to prepare children to fight every war of life in whatever form it comes.

4- "As they grow up, unfortunately, their natural freedom is often eclipsed by the teaching and behavior of elders. At school, they learn many things, which are no doubt useful, but they gradually forget that essential thing to be human and kind, playful and make life richer for ourselves and others."- Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru believed that the innocence and values that a child holds should be protected forever. He always suggested that teachers and parents should help them in learning new things while keeping a hold of what they actually love.

5- “Sometimes people can hunger for more than bread. It is possible that our children, our husband, our wife, do not hunger for bread, do not need clothes, and do not lack a house. But are we equally sure that none of them feels alone, abandoned, neglected, needing some affection? That, too, is poverty.” -Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa needs no introduction, her kindness was her biggest strength. She strongly believed that apart from bread and other basic necessities, parents should also take care of their child's emotional needs.

6- “Do you think you can teach even a child? You cannot. The child teaches himself. Your duty is to afford opportunities and to remove obstacles.”- Swami Vivekananda

Shri Swami Vivekananda believed that the only duty of parents and teachers is to provide the best learning environment and opportunity to the children in order to help them grow. Children and learn a lot of things themselves if given a good learning environment.

7- “If there is education, there will be everything in life. Government can make roads, hospitals and also construct school buildings. But your homes can brighten up only if your children are educated. I am confident that if we focus on education, our society will certainly develop.”-Narendra Modi

Mr. Narendra Modi, India's Prime Minister believes that education is the basic foundation of a good life. If a child is well educated, they will always end up making the world a better place.

8- “To be a leader, you have got to lead others with affection”- JRD Tata

Sir JRD Tata strongly believed that children should be helped and guided with complete affection and kindness. He suggested everyone to take care of children as they are the future of any country.

9- "To be successful in life what you need is education, not literacy and degrees."- Munshi Premchand

Shri Munshi Premchand here emphasizes on the importance of the right education and right values for the children. He believed that an educated person would have a successful life and would find a way out from every problem.

10- “A father gives his child nothing better than a good education.”- Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad strongly believed that the best gift, wealth, or luxury any father or parent could give their children is not money, car, or big house. Instead, its quality education and good values.

The leaders of India inspired people through their actions and contributions for the country. And their heart-touching words motivate people even now. In India, the primary objective of Childrens Day is to raise awareness about children's rights, care, and education. Let us pledge on this Childrens Day to nurture and nurture the kid within us, as well as to offer a helping hand to the children around us.

Happy Children's Day!

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