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7 Career Opportunities After Bachelor of Engineering


With the high popularity in both social media as well as in popular media being portrayed it is safe to say that the most popular and most sought-after degree in India right now is a bachelor of engineering. Popularly known as B.Tech or B.E., a Bachelor of Engineering degree is awarded to people who have completed their course in their engineering program irrespective of their branch. However, a lot of students enroll in engineering without a particular aim and after they complete their degree are left in a state of confusion as to what to do next. So what is the best job after engineering? This seems to be the question that engineering students are asking today, and this blog addresses the possible career or job opportunities an engineering graduate can apply for after doing their B.Tech or B.E. degree.


The first career option that students can go for if they have ample time and resources is a career in academia within the engineering field that they have studied. A lot of students opt for pursuing MTech after doing their BTech degree, and from there go on to do a Ph.D. The process of acquiring a Ph.D. can be long and arduous but it can help not only to continue or start a promising career in academia but also get much higher pay if they are looking for other opportunities outside the field of engineering. A lot of people also look into the teaching profession as well.  

Campus Placement Drives

The greatest opportunity that an engineering student can get in terms of job opportunity is to get placed right from their college. A lot of companies, particularly IT companies, conduct college campus placement drives for engineering students, looking for young talent. Campus placement drives such as these are the perfect opportunity for engineering students to land a job right after they step out of college. The advantage of being placed in such a way is that they get an opportunity to get a very high salary right from the time they step out of college, which will effectively determine their path going forward.

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Another extremely popular career option after engineering is preparing for a job at a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU). PSUs include companies that are either partially or fully owned by the state or central government or both the sectors combined. Some of the popular PSU companies include BHEL, LIC, Hindustan Copper Limited, BSNL, Hindustan Latex, etc. After completing a bachelor of engineering, you can enter PSUs and make a lucrative career out of it. You can get a job either on a contractual, temporary, or permanent basis.

Pursue an MBA

Another lucrative career option for engineering students is to get into the management field. Getting an MBA is one of the highest paying as well as most respected job opportunities that an engineering graduate can have. In fact, the combination of a BTech and an MBA provides almost 3 times the salary to the graduate than a person who has come through the traditional BBA-MBA route.

Civil Service

Another important career option that a lot of people opt for is civil service. Civil service refers to the administrative jobs that come under the central and state governments. These include the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), etc., and so on.


This is another career option that a lot of engineers opt for simply because they have a lot of starter ideas after having gone through their course. A huge portion of the startups that are successful today have been started by engineers, so if you feel you have an idea with the potential to strike gold, go for it!

Content Writing

If you believe you have a flair for writing, this is your time to prove it - a content writing job might just be up your alley. Content writing jobs usually only ask for a graduate degree, which means that any person with any graduate degree can apply, which also includes engineers. The best part about such a job is that they only look for the person’s talent and not their educational qualifications, which makes the whole process much more reliable.

Graphic Design

Similar to content writing, a lot of graphic design jobs simply ask for the applicant’s body of work or experience, combined with a random graduate degree. Since the B.Tech degree essentially qualifies them, if they have a good amount of experience and talent, they will have a better chance of landing the job.


There are a lot more career options out there for engineers than ever before because of the realization that engineering is a multidisciplinary subject that covers several aspects. There are a lot of art designers, painters, filmmakers, writers, and artists who got into engineering either because they did not get the opportunity to study anything else or because of pressure or financial problems at home, but now because of this job market looking for talent rather than just academic qualification as open the doors for a lot of creative jobs to become popular once again. A lot of people might disagree on some of the options that has been given above simply because they do not exactly come under career opportunities that a tailored specifically to engineering. However the fact of the matter is that to get a job in today's economy the best way is to acquire knowledge and essentially experience rather than just degrees.

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