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English Apps for Teachers

The education industry has undergone a multitude of changes. The primary change being, of course, technology. Virtual instruction is becoming increasingly popular in schools, as online classes are gaining traction in higher education. There has been a massive rise in the number of educational institutions where students learn in the comfort of their own homes.  Successfully navigating the future of education will be the key to success in the changing world.

The development of technology has brought in a lot of changes to the picture. From hospitals to schools, to books  everything is now online. Mobile applications are one of the major developments that has brought ease and effortlessness to the table. There are countless applications for teachers and students that help them to ace academics. There are specific apps for English teachers that help in increasing interest towards the subject, making grammar easier and more.  From spell check to grammar check to comprehension skills, there are apps available for each and every aspect that are required for English teachers. Let us take a look at some of the apps for English teachers and how helpful they are. Without further ado, let's take a look at a few English apps.


Learning English can be challenging. One of the major challenges that English teachers face is the fear that students have for the language. For students who are not native speakers of English, the language can seem a little scary. Learning English is a continuous process and Fluentu helps teachers and students to take this fear off the shoulder. With interactive real videos, grammar exercises, movies and likewise, it is a one of a kind school app for teachers that is a boon for teachers and students alike.


One of the biggest nightmare for English teachers is grammar and checking the grammar when students turn in their essays and assignments. Grammarly acts as a solution to this problem. Grammarly keyboard gives suggestions and points out mistakes in the structuring of the sentence, in punctuations, prepositions and even suggests better words thus helping students to increase their vocabulary. It is easy to set up and while we cannot call this a mobile app in the strictest sense, it is compatible with other apps and the set up is smooth and simple. For students, writers, English teachers, it is a blessing.

3.Writing Prompts

Writer’s block is real and sometimes, English teachers are devoid of ideas and creativity. The same can happen when the teacher assigns the students to write/ come up with something. Writing prompts is an app that helps its users generate ideas and to unleash creativity. The users can tread the works of others and this can act as an inspiration for the students. English teachers can use this app to ignite a spark in their students and it also enhances their creative skills. The app allows users to write and submit their stories and this in turn will help the students to be more interested in the subject.


Thoughts and ideas play an important role when it comes to English classes. Visualizing the thoughts and ideas will give students and teachers an opportunity to better portray their concepts and creativity. MindMeister is an app for English teachers and students that helps to create mind maps. You can create and edit unlimited mind maps and add files and images to topics.

5.Poetry out Loud

This is a mobile app for teachers and students that helps to find and save poems and practice reciting the same. It in turn helps students to enhance their public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about literary history and contemporary life. It helps teachers make the lesson easier and the concepts can be conveyed in a better manner.

As mentioned earlier, there are countless applications for teachers and students that help to make lives easier. There are apps that help students make digital flashcards that in turn makes learning effective and efficient. There are apps that help with bibliography and essays and what not.

The important thing to keep in mind is to stay connected with one's own skills and not be lost in the array of automated tools and apps available. With spell check and autocorrect, people have forgotten how to spell the basic words even. As English teachers, you have to keep the fire of curiosity burning in your students and urge them to read and practice as much as they can. For English is a vast subject that students can fall in love with just with the right amount of nudge and guidance.

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