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B.P.Ed- Complete Guide For Aspiring Teachers

Nine out of ten children born in India are sports enthusiasts. Playing cricket, football, or any other sport is never taught to them, they learn it automatically. The candidates who are extremely interested in sports, fitness, or physical education often pursue careers in sports. Sports or physical education teachers are the ones who take care of the fitness and well-being of their students. The Sports Teachers also contribute to maintaining discipline within the school premises. The other major duties or responsibilities of the Sports Teacher or PET are to teach, train and prepare the students for various sports, organize sports events/ competitions, teach students about sports, health, physical development, and nutrition.

Here are a few reasons why both teachers and students like sports, fitness, or staying active-

  • They help in decreasing stress levels
  • They help in relieving anxiety
  • They help in reducing inflammation
  • They help in improving heart health
  • They help in coping up with depression
  • They help with the quality of sleep
  • They help improve breathing
  • They help brighten the mood
  • They help in promoting self-care
  • They  help in spiritual well-being

Just like any other teacher, sports or physical education teachers need to be highly qualified. Having a BPED degree can be extremely rewarding for the physical education teacher aspirants. In this article, we will understand in detail the eligibility criteria, age limit, course fees, and a lot more about BPED.

What is B.P.Ed?

Bachelor of Physical Education, or B.P.Ed commonly known as BPED is an undergraduate degree program in sports and fitness. The focus of the course is on one's physical and mental health and fitness. It openly highlights the benefits of sports and physical activities for improving physical and mental health in everyday life. The course is very beneficial for individuals who want to make a career in sports.

What is the eligibility criteria for pursuing B.P.Ed?

  • Students who have passed their 10+2 examinations with a minimum of 50% from any recognized board are eligible for this program. This number changes depending on the college to college. In rare circumstances, the minimum grade in the 12th grade can be as high as 60%.
  • The minimum age of a candidate should be seventeen years(for courses of 3-4 years) only then they will be eligible to take admission in the BPED course.
  • For admission into 1 to 2 years courses, the candidate’s age should be between 19-25 years.
  • Apart from this, the candidates also need to qualify for the physical screening round and the personal interview round conducted by the college or the university they wish to take admission in.
  • The prior experience of the candidates in the field of sports will be a perk. For example- winning a sports competition or medal, etc.

Course fees of B.P.Ed and how much can a sports teacher earn?

BPED is one of the renowned courses in the field of sports. The average course fees for the BPED course is 10,000 INR to 60,000 INR approximately. The course fees for the course may differ from university to university. The average salary of a good physical education teacher can range from INR 3,00,000 to INR 5,00,000. This amount can also vary from university to university and on the experience of the candidate.

Benefits of pursuing B.P.Ed?

Good Job Opportunities- The candidates who pursue B.P.Ed can surely expect good job opportunities as every good school or university prefer candidates who are highly qualified and expert in their field.

Less Competition-  Since the field of sports is relatively less competitive, the candidates can find a good place for themselves in the field by finding better job opportunities and a higher salary.

Financial Security- Since the B.P.Ed qualified candidates have good knowledge and good teaching skills, they can expect a decent salary and have financial security.

So, if you are looking forward to making a career in the field of sports and physical education, B.P.Ed can be one of the best choices for you.

All the best and happy teaching!

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