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Benefits of Interactive Video Chat Apps

Many people have been caught off guard by social distancing, making video calls a new requirement for distant socializing. Video calls have become the go-to method for staying connected, from checking in with family and friends to regularly scheduled meetings. For those who have never made a video call before and are new to the world of video conferencing, the learning curve has been dramatic. However, there are numerous benefits of interactive video chat apps that cannot be overlooked.

Video chats have undeniably become an integral part of our everyday lives and daily interaction. During the first 4 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a 500% upsurge in search impressions for web and video conferencing software. And video chat apps are rapidly gaining popularity for both business and personal use. Under the correct environment, video chat is a wonderful resource. Communication via a visual medium is frequently much clearer than interaction via text or audio-only.

Video conferencing and video chats have become a crucial need for companies of all sizes and operations, from handling remote teams to closing international business deals. This means that successful businesses and agencies must offer their clients and employees a viable solution for high-quality video conferencing, which is the cornerstone of remote work and interactions. Aside from business, learning is no longer restricted to the four walls of the classroom. Video chat, as a medium of learning, has the potential to bring a large bunch of students together for a personalized classroom experience with no interruptions. And there is a large pool of qualified teachers available and eager to impart their knowledge to students from across the world.

Some important factors that make video chats popular are:-

  • Reduces the need to travel

Traveling to connect with people costs both time & expense. With video chat platforms, meetings can be organized and held with participants from all across the world. They only need the appropriate tools to be in front of the screen at the specified time. The preparation prior to the meeting can be done via email, instant messaging, or various service platforms. Even for students located in remote areas, video chat platforms are useful as they eliminate the need of travelling and save a lot of time and money.

  • Brings people and teams together

When it comes to managing a diverse workforce that is spread across the country, video conferencing allows companies to connect with the office from any smartphone or computer. One can use your existing mobile infrastructure to hold video conferencing meetings with the employees. Students sitting across several corners of the world come together on the same platform for the purpose of learning. The visual nature of video conferencing also allows an individual to monitor the activities and whereabouts of the students and employees in the case of businesses.

  • Facilitates telecommuting

Teleworking or telecommuting which involves working away from the office, often at home requires the use of video conferencing. If the company has several employees who work from home, video conferencing is one method of reducing the lack of communication.

  • Organize meetings that are not time-bound

Meetings and lectures can be organized more frequently now that they are not subject to travel expenditures or location constraints when held online. Each day, perhaps several times a day, one can meet people from all over the world. Meetings can be scheduled on short notice. Attendees no longer have geographical or travel-related excuses.

  • Makes the conversation more personable

One feature that makes video chats even more appealing is their ability to enable people to read facial cues. Each participant of the call can see everyone else's face, you can rely on the same kinds of facial cues, body language, and hand gestures that you're used to seeing in face-to-face conversations. Seeing somebody while speaking with them alters the nature of the conversation, whether it is a business or personal relationship.

  • Elevates learning and teaching experience

Among the benefits of interactive video chat apps, one significant advantage for educators is that their market comprising the students may be far from them, thus video conferencing is an excellent way to learn and share information with people all over the world. With a trusted platform the teachers have access to multimedia tools such as interactive whiteboards and online collaboration tools that enhance learning.

  • Enhances global cooperation

Video conferencing allows schools to interact with classrooms all over the world which brings them closer to different cultures and generates an appreciation for diversity. Students from all over the world can also use video conferencing to collaborate and promotes brainstorming.


Video conferencing and interactive video chat platforms comprise the future of learning, and it is ideal for teaching. It enables educators to bring people spread across the world into their teaching process, thereby assisting in the creation of inspiring, intertwined educational experiences. Furthermore, international digital collaboration is expected to be one of the key developments in educational technology today.

The benefits of interactive video chat apps are not limited to any particular segment. We live in a rapidly changing global society, so educators must instill in their students an admiration and knowledge of the world around them. Video conferencing allows schools to connect with classrooms all over the world and similarly for business it allows collaborative work from people around global offices, bridging cultural divides. Students from all over the world can also use video conferencing to collaborate on a group project. This, once again, helps to provide a unique viewpoint and helps students comprehend different cultural approaches and perspectives.

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