Managing Online Classes Easily with the Help of Teachmint

Managing Online Classes Easily with the Help of Teachmint

  • Simran Rastogi
    Simran Rastogi
“Teachmint came into my life when I was about to quit teaching, it opened a thousand doors of opportunity for me. I consider Teachmint as my biggest blessing as a teacher. Not only the features of the app are excellent, but their effort to keep the teachers connected and growing is something that makes Teachmint unique.”- Rajhans Kumar Mandal

Rajhans Sir is a B.Sc graduate, Mathematics, Reasoning, General Knowledge teacher, and an epitome of humanity. He initially started teaching due to financial constraints in his family. He was in 7th standard when he conducted his first class and has not looked back since then. The mission of his life is “education for all” and he works hard each day to make it possible. Why we call him the epitome of humanity is for extra miles he walks every time to make someone’s path easier. There are hundreds of reasons to call Rajhans Sir inspiring, and here is one of them-

“I saw a neighbor of mine selling savories. He was young and intelligent but due to the lack of the right resources and personal reasons, he couldn’t continue his studies. Due to responsibilities, he had to earn and hence he indulged into his father’s family (non profitable)business. I couldn’t see such an intelligent boy suffer and one day I walked up to him and asked him to give me six months of his life. He agreed, and today he is a respectable constable in BSF(Border Security Force). I feel so proud to see him successful. I did not charge a single penny from him, the success of my students is the only treasure I want in life. ”

The whole Teachmint family salutes him for the hard work, dedication, and love he puts in to make people smile. His journey is truly motivating for various other reasons. He is a multi talented individual as he works for the Indian Railways and also helps students in preparing for various government exams. However, moving in two boats at the same time was not easy for him, being a teacher along with his job was getting difficult for him. Travelling back and forth consumed all his time once he got transferred to a different city. But then he came across Teachmint through an advertisement. He immediately decided to download the app as he found all the features he wanted at one place. What he loved the most about Teachmint was the live class recording feature with no time limit. The app helped him in managing his job as well as online teaching easily. Being a multitasker, he needed a good online teaching platform like Teachmint. He says that Teachmint came into his life right at the moment when he was about to quit teaching. He loves teaching on the app as it makes online teaching extremely efficient for him and his students. Today, he is teaching hundreds of students and helping them in fulfilling their dreams with the help of Teachmint.

We totally agree with what Rajhans Sir believes in “education for all”. Making quality education accessible to all is something that Teachmint strongly believes in too. We are super proud to be a part of his amazing journey. We cherish his association with the Teachmint family and we wish him all the best for his future.