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6 Powerful Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards for Young Learners

Modern educational technology is replacing how a Traditional classroom looks. Tools like interactive whiteboards in smart classrooms are replacing normal whiteboards and even projectors. Packed with essential functions,  it has become the winner among parents, educators and students. Apart from the general benefits which now outdated whiteboards provide, it has a range of benefits to offer in classrooms. It is what truly makes a smart classroom ‘smart’. 

What is an Interactive Whiteboard in Classrooms?

Popularly known as a smart board,  an interactive white hood is something similar but advanced specifically meant for modern classrooms to promote a holistic learning environment. Equipped with the latest displaying digital screen technology,  the interactive functions of classroom whiteboards help students overcome communication and focus-related challenges in day-to-day activities. 

Although interactive whiteboards are popular in multiple other industries, Popularly in the business world, since the pandemic multiple educational institutions have largely increased, addressing the global technological boom. It is not as complicated to use and teachers find it irreplaceable once they start using it along with other educational facilities. Both in terms of ease of learning and academic progress, interactive whiteboards remain the strongest support.

How to use an Interactive Whiteboard?

We mentioned earlier that its ease of use is an attractive function. But how easy are the uses of Interactive Whiteboard to implement? Like most teachers used to traditional classrooms when these are first introduced in a school, teachers might be reluctant to try out, owing to the complicated processes of using modern technology. However, since it is so simple to use teachers have picked it up easily with time. 

If you know how to control a projector screen you will find using an Interactive Whiteboard for classrooms relatively easier. Once the device connects to a computer the exact screen image can be seen on the board which has additional touchscreen functions. Instead of using a remote, teachers can click buttons directly on the screen and use it as a stand-alone computer. If they want to move around the classroom for maximum interaction they can also connect it to touch pads just like a projector screBen.

Smart board for teaching
Benefits of Interactive whiteboard

What are the uses of interactive whiteboards for classrooms?

There are so many stand-alone additional benefits of using interactive whiteboards in classrooms. Educational institutions are still moving towards learning technologies just to fit in with the modern-day trends. They have specific holistic approaches towards teaching methods that can improve students' productivity by leaps and bounds. Here are 5 benefits of interactive whiteboards:

Improve student communication

Teachers love the communication rounds in a classroom when they use interactive whiteboards.  Students remained both entertained and engaged throughout the learning process absorbing the information through visual, audio and other forms of learning materials.

Online Classroom

Since interactive whiteboards can be connected to the Internet, teachers can access any and every learning material available online. Books, documentaries, and sources for projects and lessons it possible to find anything they want to make their lessons more educational.

Personalised learning methods

Every student has a unique learning style. teachers often have to crack their nerves while planning a lesson that suits the needs of their students. They can now go online, and access all the necessary materials to enable every child to participate in the classroom lessons.

Makes learning fun

Digital content in general is entertaining and attention-grabbing. Students learn to understand and question more from these interactive features of whiteboards for classrooms. The digital features can also be used by educators to make everybody play online games, participate in surveys, have movie days or even exercise sessions.

Economic classrooms

A traditional classroom using chalkboards or normal whiteboards always requires supporting tools which had to be physically maintained as school inventory. Erasers, markers, and batteries for a projector remote,  but interactive whiteboards don't need any other additions. As long as a classroom has electricity and Internet facilities, teachers need not rely on any other physical resources. A digital classroom cuts out the costs of paper,  markers, pens, and much more.

Why should we use interactive whiteboards?

Interactive whiteboards are not just trending, they are here to stay and prove themselves as unparalleled devices in classrooms. We should use them not only because it is easy and functional but also because it helps teachers materialise their plans for an ideal classroom. We can organise, store and execute lesson plans more efficiently than ever.

Invest in an Interactive Whiteboard today. Let the beauty of knowledge be known by all through this revolutionary modern classroom tool.

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