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Benefits of Live Classes for Students

With the growth, and advancement in science and technology, leaving behind the conventional and manual ways to work, the world has become digital and advanced. All professional sectors are running and working via digital means. And our education system is no exception. New inventions and technical applications launched regularly, led to the formation of online education, which means teaching and learning virtually.

With several benefits offered such as convenience, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, more learning resources, and comfort, online teaching is rapidly spreading among educators and learners. The most preferred form of online education is live classes. This means when teachers and students connect at the same time, have real-time interactions for educational purposes. Let us discuss the benefits of online live classes for students.

Benefits of Online Live Classes

1. Better verbal communication skills
With real-time interactions via online live classes, the verbal communication skills of the students are enhanced. They listen to the teachers actively, and for participation, they speak up, share their thoughts, views, and understanding. This enhances the public speaking skills of students too.

2. Active listening skills
For academic and professional success, active listening skills are very important for all. When students take online live classes, they see the educator teaching them one on one. To understand the topics well, students listen to the teachers actively. Also to be a part of classroom discussions, students actively listen to the teachers as well as the ideas, answers, and opinions of other students. This enhances the concentration and focus of students as well.

3. Instant doubt resolution
In the case of asynchronous learning, students post their queries on the educational app or mail them to the teachers. They have to wait for some time to get the queries resolved. This may slow down the learning process. However, in the case of online live classes, real-time interactions are possible. This way, students can raise what doubts they have and get instant answers. By getting the doubts solved instantly, students understand and relate to the topics being taught better. Chances of confusion and mistakes are also reduced.

4. Improved academic performance
With good communication skills and active listening skills, students relate better to the topics being taught. This improves their academic understanding of students. Also, instant doubt resolution and receiving regular feedback from the teachers help students to achieve a proper and clear academic understanding. This improves students' classroom performance and participation. Also, their exam scores and overall results are enhanced.

5. More interest in classes
In an asynchronous online class, students learn alone when they want to. There is a feeling of isolation or loneliness. With no learning partner and live interactions around chances of procrastination and lack of interest are more. However, with the help of online live classes, this is no longer a problem. Having teachers in front of you, having one on one interactions with them, and staying connected with batchmates at the same time, make students more interested in learning and taking classes.

Online Live Classes: Tips for Students

1- A study from a distraction-free place
Learning from a noisy place that has many environmental distractions can affect your learning via online live classes. Since other students are also learning at the same time, noises and distractions affect the learning environment for all. To avoid this from happening with you, all students must make sure to study from a quiet and calm place. Keep your mobile and app notifications in mute mode. Ask your parents and other family members not to call you out during the class time.

2- Ask your doubts
Doubt resolution is very important for effective learning.  Many students are reluctant and fear asking doubts. This must be avoided. Teachers are there to help you out only. So feel comfortable, wait for the chance and ask your doubts. You can also type your queries in the chat section of the online class app too.

3- Stay attentive and well-concentrated
With a lack of attention and concentration, you will break the flow of learning. This makes you miss the important topics being taught by the teacher, which furthermore reduces your academic understanding. To avoid this happening with you, give your utmost concentration to the teachers teaching via online live classes. This will help you to understand more, participate better and enhance your academic performance.


With the growth and advancement in science, technology, and digital tools, teaching and learning via online live classes are also possible. Online live classes benefit students in numerous ways. By reading the above-mentioned information, active listening skills, improved communication skills, instant doubt resolution, improved academic performance, and more interest in learning are a few advantages of it. We also discussed a few tips that students must follow for taking online live classes effectively.

Teachmint helps schools envision a future where their students are equipped with 21st-century skills. With our advanced learning management system, you can improve the teaching-learning experience. Our offerings like education erp, admission management system, fee management system, and others conveniently digitize educational organizations.

Thank you and Happy Learning!

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