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Benefits of the Storytelling Strategy

It is impossible to find someone who does not like stories.  The narrative style adds to the beauty of the stories. For instance, there is a huge difference between saying 'chlorophyll makes the leaves green' and saying 'chlorophyll was a great painter and hailed from the kingdom of planteria. The catch was chlorophyll could only paint using the color green, and his canvas was a leaf.' Such imagery stays with children.  Students learn faster when they are taught lessons in the form of a story. Teachers and educational professionals have valued the art of storytelling which opens various creative opportunities for students. Whether you are a little child or an adult, a storytelling session makes one focused and engaged when entertaining stories are included. Storytelling makes us improve our imagination and creative skills. This has evolved in the form of storytelling sessions which are now encouraged in many schools and colleges to teach students.

Why is storytelling in a classroom important?

The answer would be, why not? Well, if you are an adult, it must be relatable to you that when you take a break from your workplace and watch an interesting movie, it just feels like heaven! Similarly, students feel the same. A lot of students get distracted and lose interest in reading books or focusing on their syllabus. Hence, they divert their mind and engage in different activities. Therefore, if you want your kids to learn in an extraordinary way, there is only one way to do so. Storytelling sessions in classrooms have become famous for contributing to students’ classroom engagement. The powerful speech-delivering skills and listening sessions make students explore their creativity and form imaginative visuals in their minds. This makes students communicate their powerful creative thoughts and flourish their creative skills.

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Builds listening skills

As the world is now digital-driven, storytelling finds its way to becoming a powerful tool in nurturing children’s minds and enhancing their listening skills. When listening to classroom lectures becomes a little boring, students lose their focus and tend to engage in other activities. That is why storytelling grasps students’ attention and makes them involved in the lesson in an interesting way. Storytelling helps to groom listening skills as it is important to develop listening skills in the corporate world.

Boosts imagination

Listening to thought-provoking and indulging stories makes students develop their imagination which in turn makes them form innovative and creative ideas in the educational and corporate world. Storytelling contributes to self-confidence and motivates students to achieve their goals and dreams in the best way.

Enhances verbal skills

The love for folk stories or historical stories cannot be brushed aside. It makes the students more interested and storytelling thus becomes a brilliant way to engage students in sessions by verbally making them participate in such sessions. It won’t just make them explore their creative skills but will help improve their verbal communication skills. It makes a student confident towards developing public speaking skills and makes them talk efficiently with their teammates.

Breaking Fairytales

Decade-old stories of Cinderella still outshines today and are popular among the young generation. However, a new narrative pops up as students learn important aspects such as equality and free will. If you want young children to learn something, it’s always better to make them feel appreciated and learn by a story rather than explaining it directly. In this way, students are encouraged to learn a particular topic in the right way.

If you are a teacher who is exploring different ways to teach students, it is time for you to adapt to digital technology and teach students via storytelling sessions. Be it a YouTube video or an animated video and audio, the best way to encourage and teach students is to make them feel valued and find incredible ways to teach rather than just delivering lectures in classrooms.

If you are a teacher and find a student who is not motivated to study, you can always introduce your lecture topics with a story to engage them in learning. Moreover, students always love to hear about teachers’ experiences in their lives. So, whether you came across a funny experience or an accident that taught you a lesson, it is always appreciated to tell your students so that they learn valuable lessons in their lives. So, even if you are telling a fictional story or a story based on true events, students always find a way to focus on stories and engage themselves in them.

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