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Benefits of Student Tracking for Schools


The growing awareness of the inefficiencies of existing education systems is prompting institutes to implement new methods of education across schools. An institution’s primary goal is to help students develop their talents and improve their school-based learning results. As a result, there is a critical necessity for student tracking over time to comprehend and help them through the disciplines. The efficacy of an educational institution is determined by factors other than the professionalism of the teaching staff and the relevance of the knowledge taught. Another critical component is the capacity to continuously monitor academic progress data and make modifications to the learning program as quickly as possible. Student tracking is important for both teachers and students. When students can see their progress, they can better comprehend how their efforts relate to larger goals. Teachers, in turn, can assess their efficacy by examining trends in student data.

Benefits of Student Tracking System

Following are the benefits of student tracking in schools and educational institutions.

Improved Student and Teacher Assessment

Many software development firms can create student data tracking systems for both small and large educational institutions. Teachmint offers a dynamic integrated school platform that can be utilized by any school or educational institution. It is flexible and provides a lot of features that are helpful in student tracking like attendance management, performance management, reports and analytics, and more. In the case of large educational institutions, such systems can collect data from multiple universities, colleges, and schools. Following that, the data can be processed and represented understandably.

Continuous tracking of students' progress data assists teachers in ensuring that the educational process runs smoothly and without delays or gaps. Using modern tracking software, instructors may observe how long students need to master a specific subject and how far they have progressed over the semester, month, or even over the week. Teachers can utilize this data to determine which topics are the most difficult for specific students.

Enhances Student Engagement

Young people are fascinated by technology. Any instructional technique that goes beyond textbooks, notebooks, and pencils and incorporates technological instruments is being looked into for the near future. The next generation of technical learners will welcome the usage of their smartphones in the classroom.

Teachmint’s integrated school platform provides insights regarding student tracking from anywhere in the world in detail. Teachers can use Teachmint to check the attendance, academics, and homework submission rates of each and every student and analyze students

Helps Implement Adaptive Learning Practices

Each learner has a different learning pace and preferred method of acquiring information. Some students prefer to read a textbook, but others benefit from practical sessions to better comprehend the subject. Student data tracking apps can assist teachers in determining which educational strategy works best for which students. This information can also be utilized to implement Competency-based Education approaches.

Teachers can use student tracking software to evaluate:

  • subject-specific progress of a certain learner
  • the grade point average of the pupils
  • the average performance of students across fields during the time of study

This method enables a rapid assessment of student's academic performance and identification of potential in specific areas.

How can Maintaining Student Records Improve Learning?

Now that we have understood the benefits of a student tracking system, let us understand how maintaining student records can help improve learning.

Assistance with Analytics

Keeping a student record allows the teacher to get to know and understand each student on a more personal basis. This allows the teacher to monitor the student's development and determine whether the student is working hard enough to exhibit substantial growth. The teacher can learn about the student's weak subjects and personality characteristics. This will allow students, instructors, and parents to focus on strengthening the poor areas rather than spending too much time on the excellent ones. Because this data is unique to each student, knowing each kid personally would allow the teacher to provide more precise feedback. The student's growth throughout time is influenced by their track record.

Encouraging The Students

Student tracking regularly allows teachers to reward students based on the amount of progress they have made, rather than who has topped the class or scored the highest marks. This encourages students to strive to outperform themselves rather than simply outperform the highest-scoring student.

Easy Communication Between Students And Teachers

Based on the system's data, teachers can readily learn about their student's performance and guide them. The teacher can make a list of students who are having difficulty with specific subjects and then help them separately as a group. This enhances the students' focus on their weak points.

Accurate Attendance Tracking

Improved student attendance has been shown to improve learning outcomes at academic institutions. The student information system enables professors to track students' attendance online. This reduces the need for manual attendance, assists students in tracking their attendance, requires parental clearance for absentees, and motivates students to attend school. The attendance method improves transparency among staff and parents, allowing students to be better learners.

Teachmint’s attendance management solves this problem. Teachers can easily mark the attendance of the students and track the same. Consistent tracking of attendance will lead to improved learning outcomes.


Student Tracking System assists teachers and students in working more efficiently by removing needless manual chores and focusing solely on learning results. Along with student performance tracking, the monitoring system keeps track of students' attendance, details, emergency contacts, and other information.

The increasing use of innovative modes of learning, as well as the advent of tools for management and administration, are assisting institutes in providing a better educational experience. Teachmint’s integrated school platform has aided numerous educational institutes in managing and comprehending each student's progress on a personal level. Visit our website to learn about our learning management system and other offerings for educational institutions.

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