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How Student Tracking System Impacts Student Performance?

A child spends most of their time on a school campus. During this time, they learn new concepts and enrich their mind with new ideas. To provide a holistic environment, institutes need to quantify if their students are moving in the right direction. So, tracking student progress becomes crucial. With the help of modern tools used in the education industry, the process of tracking student progress has become effortless and efficient. Let us understand why student tracking is important and how we can accomplish this task.

What is Student Performance Tracking?

A student tracking system is software that captures student information related to multiple metrics. It captures student attendance data, assignments, exam details, and daily classroom activities. Admins can track this information to see how their students are performing and what results they can expect during an academic year.

Why is Student Tracking Important?

Student tracking covers aspects like attendance and academic performance. Tracking pupils’ performance is important for both teachers and students. It helps students understand where they stand with respect to their peers. Likewise, teachers know if they need to modify their teaching style to provide maximum benefits to their students.

A few reasons that explain the importance of student tracking are mentioned below.

  • Teachers can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of students and help them improve their performance.
  • Students can understand if the effort they are putting in is reaping any benefit.
  • Parents get an idea of their child’s performance in the classroom.
  • School administrators can review if their teachers are using the correct teaching techniques to impart education.

A student performance tracking system can help all stakeholders get correct information in real-time. Through multiple metrics, they can understand what they can do to improve the overall academic performance in their institution.

How Can Different Stakeholders Track Student Performance?

Automation can help teachers, students, and other stakeholders in managing different school activities. A comprehensive student management system can track and record all student-related data. The points mentioned below give an overview of how educational institutions can collect student data and use that data to improve pupils’ performance.

Student data management

A teacher’s job is to help their students gain maximum knowledge. To provide the best educational experience to students, teachers also need to come prepared to the classroom. However, their productivity gets reduced because they need to manage multiple tasks while imparting knowledge. For example, they have to record student attendance, manage their timetable, and make exam schedules for assessments. All these tasks consume their time, and as a result, productivity is damaged. A student information system can help teachers streamline the processes in the classroom. They can use this system to gather student information related to attendance, health records, fee details, and more.

Attendance management

Taking attendance every day before the start of every lecture is a cumbersome process. Teachers may not want to go through this process daily. However, they can save time and effort by using the attendance management system. This system easily tracks attendance and helps teachers generate attendance data in a few clicks. Moreover, the system also prepares a detailed report containing crucial metrics. Teachers can go through these reports to know which student is falling behind the minimum attendance requirement.

Online examination management

Exam time is equally critical for teachers and students. Students are concerned about their preparation and how they are going to perform in different subjects. Likewise, teachers are worried about completing the syllabus on time, scheduling exams, and setting the question paper. Moreover, the evaluation of answer sheets is also a critical part of the assessment process. An exam management system takes care of the exam schedules and helps teachers in the evaluation process.  

Feedback and evaluation

Evaluating the performance of each student and giving proper feedback is a comprehensive task for educators. However, the task of providing feedback becomes easy with the student management system. As teachers can track students’ performance in real-time, they understand the strong and weak areas and help learners work on those parts. Moreover, the student tracking system can generate report cards in no time, thus, keeping parents in the loop.

In every field, efforts are quantified using various tracking systems. The education industry is using the student tracking system to provide feedback on performance. The reports generated by this system give an overview of how things are with learners.

Benefits of Student Tracking System

The key benefits of using a student tracking system are mentioned below.

Reduces absenteeism

The attendance management system alerts teachers, parents, and students at the same time. Students can look at their attendance trends or percentages to understand if they are meeting the minimum attendance criteria. If not, they can attend more lectures to maintain their attendance records. In short, the student tracking system reduces absenteeism in the classroom.

Encourages students to upgrade themselves

As students are constantly aware of their performance in the classroom, they can devote more time to learning. It helps them improve and upgrade themselves. Moreover, they can contribute more time to strengthen the concepts or topics they find difficult to understand.

Encourages parental involvement

Parents want to get involved in the learning process of their children. However, they may fall short due to their busy schedules. With the student tracking system, they can give attention to the learning curve of their children.

Helps students track their performance

Students can track their performance in real-time. Moreover, they can use the system to look at the overall performance of their classes. It gives them insight into their performance, and they understand how they are performing compared to their peers.

The benefits offered by the student tracking systems cannot be ignored. It makes student data management, attendance tracking, exam management, and evaluation easier. Moreover, learners also get feedback from their teachers in real-time. In a nutshell, we can say that the tracking system provides equal benefits to all stakeholders. To learn more about student tracking system, lms portal, and other offerings, visit Teachmint's website.

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