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Brain Gym Exercises for Students

It is important to sharpen the brain and Brain Gym exercises refer to a list of exercises designed mainly for students to boost their brain functions. According to recent research, Brain Gym activities reduce diabetes, cancer, heart disease, respiratory diseases and cancer. In other words, Brain Gym keeps your child fit and fine.

Brain Gym exercises can be done either at school or at home as well. These are helpful for those students who face learning challenges.

What are Brain Gym Exercises?

Brain exercises include basic actions and tasks that are needed to be performed by students. These exercises consist of certain movements that help a child's eyes, ears and limb coordination. Brain Gym exercises help with attitude, coordination, memory, relationships and academics.

Benefits of Brain Gym Exercises:

Some major benefits of Brain Gym exercises are:

●   These exercises help children in stimulating their brain functions.

●   These make students smarter and fitter.

●   These enhance students’ eyesight.

●   These improve communication skills of students.

●   These exercises, when done regularly, boost immunity.

●   These promote creativity.

Effective and Productive Brain Gym Activities for Students:

1.Cross Crawl

Students need to stand or sit with their left-hand elbow touching their right knee diagonally in this exercise. In the same way, repeat this with the right hand touching the left knee. This exercise increases students' attention and coordination. It also helps in increasing concentration power and reducing stress.

2.Lazy Eights

In this activity for students, they are required to extend their arms in front of them. The arms should be parallel to their shoulder level. Next, point the thumb towards the ceiling, then slowly and smoothly draw a shape of figure eight (8). This Brain Gym exercise helps in loosening muscles in the wrists and arms. In addition, it improves eyesight.

3. The Elephant

In this exercise, students must stretch their hands (one at a time) and then place their hands next to their ears on the same side. After this, draw the infinity sign three times with the extended hand and then repeat the same procedure with another hand. This exercise improves students' brain activity and their body balance.

4. Double Doodle

In this activity, students are required to draw images with both hands at the same time. This helps in improving various skills like writing, calculation, recognition of symbols, and spelling accuracy.

5. The Owl

In this exercise, students need to sit comfortably and bring one of their hands to the shoulder. Then keeping their hands steady, they need to pinch the shoulders, move their head slowly towards the shoulders and take a deep breath. This brain activity improves blood circulation.

6. Active Arm

Students have to stretch their right arms and hold the left arms at a right angle in this activity. Then, in the same way, repeat this by changing the arm position. This improves the strength of students' upper bodies and enhances the coordination of eyes and hands.

7. The Thinking Cap

Students have to hold both ears with their index finger and thumb. After this, roll and unroll their ears. This Brain Gym exercise improves students' hearing and short-term memory.

8. Brain Buttons

Under the collarbone, two hollow areas are just one inch away from the center of the chest. Students must use their fingers and thumb of one hand and then rub these hollow areas for about 50 seconds. This exercise improves the flow of electromagnetic energy and relaxes the shoulders, neck, and eyes.

9. Gravitational Glider

In this exercise, students are required to sit straight on a chair, stretching their legs. Then cross the left leg over the right ankle. Then, take a deep breath and bend forward to touch the feet. This brain gym exercise improves blood flow. In addition, it stretches the hamstrings.

10. Hookup

Hookup is specially designed for students who suffer from anxiety, stress, and meltdowns. This is one of the best activities for students to calm their bodies and mind. It also helps them control their breathing. These exercises can be done by standing, lying around, or sitting. First, students are required to cross their feet, one over the other. Keep their legs straight. Then, stretch out their arms and cross them in front of your body. Now, take the palms of your right and left hands to lock your fingers. Hold these positions for 3 to 6 minutes or as long as they need.


Brain Gym exercises can make students the smartest ones in their classes. But they should do these exercises regularly. These help in improving eyesight, mental coordination, and blood flow and in boosting brain functions. Seek professional guidance for these exercises. Engaging in such activities will help students perform better.

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