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Teacher Training Course (TTC)

Teachers lay the foundation of society. They educate, nurture, guide, and develop young minds to create a better world for themselves and others. If you aspire to become a teacher, then you can enroll in any teacher training course or TTC. In addition, there are several courses that one can pursue to fulfill the dream of being a teacher.

TTC is an undergraduate training program for aspiring teachers. Students who have completed their education can enroll in any TTC to become a teacher in primary and secondary school. The full form of TTC is Teacher Training Course. The degree conferred at the end of the training course helps candidates pursue the teaching profession.

The eligibility criteria to get admission to a teacher training course are as follows:

The applicant must have scored a minimum of 40 or 50 percent on the high school level exam. The exact cut-off would depend upon the college of your choice.

The applicant should have attained the age of 17 years or more.

Depending upon your level of study, be it undergraduate or postgraduate, there are many TTCs that you can apply for. The following are some TTCs:

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

The Bachelor of Education or B.Ed. is a two-year professional course to become a teacher. A B.Ed. degree is required to begin a teaching career at the high school level. The B.Ed. course is intended to support people to obtain information about various teaching methods. It helps to obtain social skills, such as counseling, to comprehend the psychology of students. The B. Ed curriculum lasts two years. Aspirants can pursue a B.Ed. course in either regular or remote education mode. The fees of a B.Ed. course varies from institution to institution. The cost depends on certain factors such as the mode of study (regular/distance). The training even contributes to the creation of a stronger academic system at the base level.

Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)

Diploma in Elementary Education or D.El.Ed. is a two-year diploma course. It is a degree in which candidates are trained for the primary teaching level by remote learning or classroom instruction. The D.El.Ed curriculum is aimed to combine internship and practical training in addition to classroom teaching. It covers education practice, child psychology principles, and the teacher's capacity in student training. Candidates require a minimum of 50 percent to seek admission in this course. Admission to this course is through merit and entrance exam scores.

Basic Training Certificate (BTC)

The Basic Training Certificate is a professional course offered at the state level, approved by India's NCTE. BTC is a compulsory training certificate for people who want to teach in government elementary schools. The major goal of the course is to prepare instructors to teach elementary school. The course intends to train people who want to begin a career as a primary school teacher. It is a career-focused course. After finishing the course, applicants would be able to work as elementary teachers in government schools. In addition, they can apply as Assistant Teachers in any of the government schools.

Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)

Nursery Teacher Training or NTT, is a one-year diploma course. The program's major goal is to prepare nursery-grade teachers in India. Candidates must have completed the 12th or similar test in any discipline with at least 50% percent marks in order to apply. Admission to this program is based on a merit list. The course seeks to improve the fundamental standard of education at the nursery level and the general level of teaching. NTT educates teachers in child development, teaching techniques, nursery-level courses, and communication.

Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed)

B.El.Ed., or Bachelor of Elementary Education, is a four-year full undergraduate degree course. The training prepares applicants to work in elementary schools, which serve children aged 6 to 12 years. Candidates must meet the minimum eligibility requirements established by the admissions authorities in order to be considered for admission to this program. To be admitted to this course, applicants must have completed Class 12 or comparable from a recognized board.

B.El.Ed acceptance is based on either the marks obtained in the Class 12 assessment or the student's score on the admissions test.

With online education being prevalent this year, many TTCs have embraced online teaching. This is a great opportunity for people from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. They don't need to leave their hometown to pursue these courses. Remote learning opens countless doors and can pave the way for an impressive career in the education industry.

Career prospects after the completion of TTC

After completion of the courses mentioned above, candidates can seek employment in schools as a teacher. Candidates are qualified to teach at the primary level in appropriate academic establishments. They have various options to choose from because they are qualified to apply for jobs in both government and private sectors. A self-employment is also an option for teachers, as more and more students are opting for online education.

Students who complete this degree are hired as teachers in academic institutions. Aside from that, applicants who complete B.El.Ed. degrees are absorbed in a range of jobs in various publishing companies, schools, education departments, tutoring centers, and so on. They are mostly engaged in the education sector, which has experienced a rapid increase in employment opportunities. In addition, students in this course receive training to analyze students' creative and social development, keep detailed records, create progress reports, interact with parents via meetings, review children's progress, and develop many other skills.

A teacher has the greatest power to shape young children's lives and create a healthy learning environment for students. With the help of these TTCs, you can qualify to become an academic instructor, teacher, and counselor at any academic institute.

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