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Important CBSE News

Meta text: CBSE news was one of the highest search hits due to major changes in examination and assessment policies because of COVID-19. Learn about the recent updates in CBSE news here.

The past month has been crucial in deciding the future of school students on the verge of significant academic advancements. The latest CBSE news shows that the country's education sector is closely watching the Central Board of Secondary Education’s decisions regarding its board exams. On June 1, 2021, “CBSE Board Class XII examinations canceled” made headlines everywhere.

Government of India cancels CBSE exams

The pandemic has majorly disturbed society and raised diverse health concerns. In finalizing the decision to cancel board exams, the Prime Minister of India protested that students’ health and safety should not come under such stress. They cannot be forced to take exams during such a crisis.

This has majorly affected educational processes in schools. Following the PM’s orders in these unpredictable circumstances, on June 1, the CBSE canceled the 2021 Class XII examination in an official notification. Other boards, including a majority of state boards, also followed suit.

Understandably, the subject of much CBSE news in the last few weeks was how indeed the Class XII board exams would be conducted. Students and parents were curious to learn how the new assessment criteria would justify the completeness of their studies and the outcome. Then recently, the Supreme Court approved CBSE’s proposed scheme for evaluating board results in 2021.

New tabulation portal for marks

The latest CBSE news is all about the CBSE’s launch of the Comprehensive Results Tabulation Portal for Class XII to efficiently calculate results by July 31. Schools can quickly access old results and measure them according to the new guidelines. The portal has gone live since June 21. A similar portal had also been created earlier for the CBSE Class X Result tabulation.

The tabulation portal for Class XII allows the upload of internal grades and practical / project / internal assessment marks, including Class XII data verification for Class X roll number, board, and year of passing.

These are some of the portal’s sections:

● Class XI – Theory Marks

● Class XII – Theory Marks

● Class XII – Complete tabulation sheet for checking, moderation of theory marks (XI and XII), and upload

Dr. Antriksh Johri (Director IT, CBSE)Dr. Antriksh Johri (Director IT, CBSE) said that this has been developed to calculate the Class X component of marks according to the numbers available with the board – but only for students who have passed the CBSE Class X exams. For other boards, CBSE, with the help of regional offices, would collect the relevant data from the concerned state boards. This will be used to calculate the final Class XII scores, where 30% of the Class X component, another 30% of the Class XI component (30%), and 40% of the Class XII unit test, mid-term, or pre-board marks will be considered.

The last date for uploading internal category, practical marks, and verification data for CBSE XII Board Examination 2021 is June 30, July 5, and July 24 respectively.

Modified evaluation criteria

More CBSE news reported how the different components would be calculated. On June 17, the board advised the schools to evaluate theory marks as follows:

● Class XII – Marks based on unit tests, mid-term, or pre-board exams with 40% weightage

● Class XI – Marks based on the theory component of the final exam with 30% weightage

● Class X – Marks based on the average theory component of three of the student’s best-performing subjects, out of five main subjects, with 30% weightage

Some practical and internal assessment marks of the CBSE Class XII Board Examination, 2021 will be available only after the schools upload them on the portal.

Additionally, students should also be evaluated based on the historical performance of their respective schools in the previous CBSE Class XII board examinations.

Dates of 2021 CBSE results

Naturally, students were eager for CBSE news regarding the 2021 result dates. The latest CBSE news has reported that Class X results would be declared by July 20. Class XII results are proposed to be released on July 31.

The CBSE also appointed a grievance redressal committee to resolve students’ complaints without any judgment, in the event of disputes in calculating the final marks using the alternative marking system.

Re-examination chances

The CBSE has also provided an option to students who may not be satisfied with the assessment outcome. They could appear in a later phase, provided the situation is conducive for physical re-examination. The CBSE is aiming to conduct this between August 15 and September 15. Students can opt for the optional exam by registering online for the main subjects.

Online mode only

The CBSE also issued an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for practical / project / internal assessments to be conducted only in online mode. The marks should be uploaded by 28 June on the link provided by CBSE.

For students who had previously requested for transfer to the Student Examination Centre, the practical examination, project, and internal evaluation are to be done from the original schools of the students from where the list of candidates (LOC) was originally submitted.

CBSE news has confirmed that an online facility will be made available for schools to upload data of students who had been marked as Absent (Ab), Covid (C), or Transfer (T) in the practical examination earlier.

Important dates for students

Compiled from major CBSE news announcements, these are the dates and pointers students should keep checking the latest CBSE news for:

● Result declaration: Class X by July 20, Class XII by July 31

● Optional Exam: August 15 – September 15

● Tabulation portal: Effective from June 21

● Data upload for internal/practical/verification: June 30, July 5, and July 24

● Refer to the Student’s Corner, including the e-CBSE portal, for examination material, results, and important announcements.

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