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CBT Exam - A Complete Guide

Understanding CBT exams, their benefits, and tips for success can prepare an educator's personal experience. It helps them narrow down learning plans, and how they can skillfully express themselves to excel Computer Based Tests (CBT).

Education, Institutions and the way students give examinations have changed since we started globalising and making distance learning more available. Here is one such examination mode that is a convenient game-changer for students.

A major portion of a student's life is spent taking exams. No wonder the process can become tiring and burdensome after some time. Fortunately, the daily process has been modified with the addition of computers and online platforms, which makes learning and retaining a lot simpler. Taking exams has also seen a new dawn, with the introduction of CBT exams. But exactly what is cbt exam definition? The acronym stands for Computer-Based Test.

What is the CBT test?

CBT test, the full form of which is the Computer Based Test, is a technologically-advanced way of conducting examinations for the modern-day student. It is considered a modified version of traditional pen-and-paper exams in the wake of rising demand for online educational tools.

What are the different types of CBT exams?

These are popular questions asked by students in almost all courses of education and entrance exams. In general, the two types of CBT tests are:

  • Online- A completely remote exam process from answering the questions to the evaluation of results.
  • Offline- A procedure where students appear for the exam online, but using a computer assigned to an allotted examination centre.

How is CBT better than a traditional exam?

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. But it can be confusing to understand why CBT exams are considered a better option than traditional testing methods. The answer is simple, and remember, the correct choice to the above question is all of the below!

  • Option for personalisation in the time allotted for testing, language of questioning, allotment of marks, etc.
  • Promotes accessibility and inclusivity for people having vision deficiencies, hearing problems, mobility issues, etc.
  • Increases the reach of examination raising both interest and competition.
  • Better integrated for online classes and other distance learning courses.

How to successfully give a CBT exam?

Since this method of testing is quite different from what many of us are used to, it is easier to make mistakes. Let's look at 4 top tips for cracking a CBT test:

  • Keep a positive mindset and be open to trying new things. This takes away from the pressure of attempting any exam.
  • Read the instructions given for the examination thoroughly before attempting. In particular, be aware of negative marking- while some tests have it, others do not.
  • Save time by anticipating the answer to a question even before looking at all the options given. This makes it easier to choose the correct option.
  • Keep a note of the time and practice completing the paper with a certain average duration allotted to each question.
What is CBT Exam
What is CBT Exam

What is CBT Exam?

A CBT exam, or Computer Based Test, is a modern testing method that has replaced the traditional pen-and-paper approach with digital technology. It's a direct response to the ever-increasing demand for online education tools. This is what encourages digital development among learners too.

What are the types of CBT exams?

CBT exams can be of two types: offline and online. In the offline version, students take the test on a computer at a particular centre, as is assigned to them. The online version involves conducting and evaluating the test completely online.

What are the benefits of CBT exams over traditional methods?

  • Easy Integration into Online Classes: Test creation, sharing, and administration is easier with CBT.
  • Greater Reach: Exams can reach a larger audience to increase competition and result in quality.
  • Personalization: It offers tailored tests to personalise the test-taking experience, including the smaller groups.
  • Accessibility for Special Needs: Individuals with special needs can access it with inclusive features like braille keyboards and voice-to-text applications.
  • Eliminates Travel: Online CBT exams allow remote participation for students, irrespective of where they live.

How to succeed in CBT exams?

Follow these tips to be successful in CBT exams:

  1. Think Positively: Approach CBT mode exams with an open mind and a positive outlook on trying something new.
  2. Anticipate Answers: Predict answers before looking at options, this can help you choose the correct one and save time.
  3. Negative Marking: Understand if negative marking exists and adjust your approach to each question accordingly.
  4. Time Management: Keep track of time and allot sections pre-determined times, depending on your areas of expertise.
    Besides all this, students need to have a personal strategy to truly score well on CBT tests. Teachmint's learning management system contributes to this modern education platform by enhancing how we teach and learn. We do it with innovative features like- education ERP, admission management systems, and fee management systems.

CBT stands for Computer Based Test. A computer based test, commonly referred to as a CBT exam, is one of the most widely used types of standardized testing methods used today. It is nothing but an alternative to the traditional pen and paper method of testing students. Online alternatives are popping up everywhere in every aspect of every field, so it is not a surprise to see exams also transitioning to a CBT exam approach.

Why did CBT Exams Come into Prominence?

One of the main reasons why transitioning to a CBT model of examination became necessary was because of the rapid requirement for online education. Moving forward with the idea of online classes, virtual whiteboards, and other online learning tools to assist in the learning process, it didn’t make sense to leave the sole function of conducting exams to the traditional pen and paper method.

Types of CBT Exam

CBT exams can be online or offline. In the offline version, the students will have to come to a certain center where the exam will be conducted and take the exam on a computer instead of paper. The exam is timed like any other paper based test with the exception of there being a countdown timer and a definitive ending point beyond which the exam halts. The entire process can be done on a computer that is not connected to the internet. The other type is the online version of the same. Instead of the exam being conducted on a device that is not connected to the internet, after which evaluation will be manual or machine-based, in the case of an online CBT exam, conducting, proctoring, and evaluation of the tests is completely online.

Benefits of Conducting a CBT Exam

Even though the context does matter, there are certain areas where a computer based test is preferred over the traditional method. Given below are some of the advantages of conducting exams in the method of CBT:

Easy Integration into Online Classes

Picking up where we left off on the previous point, another reason why CBT is now becoming so widely used is that it integrates into online school ecosystems quite easily. For example, Teachmint has a Tests feature that allows teachers to make use of the extensive library of questions it has to create a test within seconds, hence making the process easier of creating, proofreading and sharing tests with students so much easier.

Greater Reach

The ease of creation and sharing of tests means that reaching more people at the same time becomes easy and efficient. This is especially useful when the number of students attending the exam is also very high. It enables the organization involved in conducting the test to include as many students as possible, hence increasing the competition and as a result, improving the quality of the result of the exam.

Easy Personalization

CBT exam is a term that is loosely used to describe any kind of test that is conducted by using a computer system. So, as much as it caters to large masses simultaneously, it also calibrates tests to such an extent that only online tests can be conducted. The main use of this comes when the audience is small and the test that needs to be conducted is tailored to a particular niche.

Helps Students with Special Needs

People who have special needs can benefit greatly from such computer based tests. If the student is visually impaired, such exams provide the option for a braille keyboard so that they do not feel left behind. They can also get voice-to-text applications for them to make their work faster.

No Need to Travel

In the case of Online CBT exams, students who live far away from the exam center can attend the exam remotely, hence making the entire process extremely convenient for the students. This also gives students who live in remote parts of the country an opportunity to compete with other students on equal footing.

CBT Exam Tips

Here are a few tips regarding CBT Exams that can be followed:

Think Positively

Having a positive outlook toward the future is essential in bringing about a positive change in their everyday lives, something that can be beneficial when it comes to trying something new. The prospect of CBT exams is relatively new, so it is best to have an open mind when it comes down to it.

Anticipate the Answer Before Looking at the Options

The students should have an idea of what the answer will be like in advance before they attempt to answer the question. This will make sure that they know what they are doing and the method they need to follow to achieve it. Part of doing this is correctly identifying what is not the right answer, something that requires practice and training. Click the right answer on the screen which will highlight the selected answer

Negative Marking

The student should make sure that there is no negative marking involved in the exam before attempting the same. This is extremely important because the way the student prepares for the exam completely changes. If the exam does not have negative markings, the students will have the freedom to answer all the questions without fear of losing marks. If there is negative marking, the student will have to be more careful and answer the questions that they feel will most certainly be the correct answer.

Keep Track of the Time at All Times

Time is of the essence in such exams and it is important to time each question down to the minute so that the student does not get sidetracked or distracted.

Following the tips mentioned above will help students score better in CBT exams.

Teachmint helps schools envision a future where their students are equipped with 21st-century skills. With our advanced learning management system, you can improve the teaching-learning experience. Our offerings like education erp, admission management system, fee management system, and others conveniently digitize educational institutions.

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