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Creating Effective Homework Assignments: What Educators Need to Know

Assigning homework is crucial, as it encourages learning at home. Educators assign homework to promote self-learning and increase conceptual understanding. However, homework assignments can be a difficult task for educators because:

  • They need to come up with different questions for the homework.
  • They have to monitor whether all students submit their homework assignments on time.
  • Some homework assignments need to be graded.

These tasks are time-consuming and often affect classroom teaching. But the importance of assigning homework cannot be undermined, as it directly affects the student's learning. This is where the Teachmint Homework feature comes in handy.

NEP 2020 and its impact on homework assignments

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 aims to improve education in India by changing the teaching methodology. This policy is a boon for students as it promotes conceptual learning instead of rote learning. Educators are encouraged to use unique teaching methodologies and technologies in their classrooms.

A few key changes that have been implemented across all schools in India after the implementation of NEP 2020 are

  • Improved classroom interaction between educators and students
  • Regular tests, homework assignments, and classroom activities enhance learning.
  • Digital content for easy access and availability to students
  • Promotion of activity-based learning through DIY projects and practical videos

The emphasis of the NEP 2020 is on improving the classroom learning experience. To achieve this, educators need to focus on implementing different teaching methodologies. This can be done using the latest educational technologies and teaching aids to develop students' curiosity.

What is Teachmint Integrated School Platform?

Teachmint is an education infrastructure company that aims to improve educational systems and academics. SaaS solutions are used to improve the school's overall functioning and enhance the student's learning experience.

The integrated school management platform by Teachmint helps school administrators and teachers become more efficient. With Teachmint, school administrators and educators can automate mundane tasks to focus on other areas of student development.

Some key tasks that can be automated with Teachmint are:

How does Teachmint help educators assign homework?

Implementing the NEP 2020 can become tough if new educational technologies are not used. Teachmint can help boost classroom teaching by automating homework assignments. The Teachmint Homework feature helps educators assign homework to their students through the steps mentioned below:

  1. Question bank: With over 20 lakh questions in our database, educators can assign homework to students conveniently. These questions are topic-specific and are available in different question types. Educators can use these questions to give topic-specific homework to their students. This will help the students retain the concepts taught in class better.
  2. Online or offline submission options: Some educators prefer it when students submit their homework offline. With Teachmint, educators can offer their students the option of submitting their homework online or offline. The educators need to enter the marks online to complete the grading process for offline homework submissions.
  3. Setting a schedule: Checking for timely homework submission is a big task for every educator. As some students tend to procrastinate, it is often up to the educator to remind their class to submit the assigned homework by the set date. Educators can relieve themselves of this responsibility when using Teachmint by setting a homework schedule. We send reminders to the students to encourage them to finish their assignments on time.
  4. Self-paced learning option: In line with the NEP 2020, educators must promote a comfortable learning environment. They should ensure that their students gain conceptual knowledge of the topics covered. Assigning homework with no set due date or submission requirement is a good way to encourage learning. Educators can use Teachmint to give unique homework assignments to students to boost self-paced learning.

5 ways to make homework assignments more effective

Homework is often viewed as a punishment by students, and many of them try to get out of doing it. But they are vital for enhancing the student's academic performance. Many educators find it difficult to get their students interested in finishing their homework on time. A simple solution to this problem is to make homework more effective and less daunting for students. Here are 5 tips for educators to make homework more effective.

  1. Don't grade homework: Homework should not be graded as it is a tool to promote extended learning. The fear of grading will create undue stress in the student and make him averse to learning.
  2. Use homework as an extension of classroom learning: Educators should assign tasks based on the topics covered in the classroom. Such homework assignments will help to reinforce the topic and create confidence in the student.
  3. Create consequences for missing homework: Many students try to avoid doing homework and make up excuses for missing it. Educators should deal with this issue by creating a strict consequences for missing homework. The educators should ensure that they follow through to make their stand.
  4. Don't overwhelm the students: Educators should strive to assign simple homework tasks to their students. The students should be able to complete their homework without feeling burdened. This will help create a sense of achievement in the student and boost further learning.
  5. Encourage creativity: Educators should also draw out the creative side of their students while assigning homework. This can be done by assigning DIY tasks or crafts based on the topic as homework. These fun assignments will create enthusiasm in the students.


Teachers can create effective homework assignments using Teachmint. We improve the teaching-learning experience for both teachers and students. To learn more about how we can help schools, visit its website today!

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