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How Does Teachmint Enable NEP Adoption?

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 brought a massive shift in the way educational institutions were functioning. The majority of this change took place due to the challenges posed by the pandemic in the early months of 2020. NEP focused on the digitalization of education to provide remote learning opportunities. It also urged institutions to upgrade their digital infrastructure in terms of hardware and software. In this article, we will discuss the various efforts made by Teachmint to promote the new NEP and its goals.

Teachmint's NEP-aligned Goals

Increasing attendance rate

The new NEP emphasized the low attendance rate of students due to a lack of adequate infrastructure. When the pandemic hit, there was a new challenge. The lack of digital infrastructure made it difficult for students to attend virtual classes.

Teachmint helps educational institutions improve learning outcomes through digital content and advanced LMS that are accessible remotely. Improving the technological gap can impact attendance rates all over India. Through the TeachBharat program, Teachmint is providing affordable education to the children of underprivileged sections of society. It is furthering the goal of inclusive education as encouraged by the NEP 2020 through advanced learning management systems and digital content delivery.

Improved learning outcomes

Improving learning outcomes during the pandemic was difficult due to the lack of proper educational infrastructure. The NEP 2020 suggested technology as the instrument to improve learning outcomes. It includes improved infrastructure for smart classes and the digitalization of academic content and learning management systems. Teachmint helps institutes with its learning management system to deliver quality education to all.

Upskilling of teachers

The new NEP sheds light on the continuous professional development of teachers. The policy requires teachers to record their professional development and submit it to the educational institution. This certification is to be used during recruitment and hiring along with the results of the respective qualifying exams.

Teachmint is dedicated to the upskilling of teachers through its partnership with OrangeSlates, a leading teacher training platform. With the mix of the right strategies and pedagogies, teachers can upskill themselves by leveraging this partnership.

Total digital upgradation

NEP 2020 encouraged all educational institutions to go completely digital. This meant installing all the digital infrastructure for remote learning. Infrastructure for smart classes, learning management systems, leave management systems, and online resource centers.

Teachmint was already on the journey of technological transformation of educational services when the new NEP emphasized its goal. As a result, Teachmint launched its TeachBharat program to support NEP 2020.

Ways in which Teachmint enables NEP adoption

Teachmint has always made efforts to propagate and implement the goals mentioned in NEP. It wants to ensure that NEP is adopted throughout the country and, thus, launched its TeachBharat initiative to transform educational ecosystems. The initiative is a social impact program to provide affordable education to the underprivileged section of society. Teachmint takes other measures too to enhance the quality of education in India. Below listed are the ways by which Teachmint enables NEP adoption:

Continual professional development

Continuous professional development from a teacher's perspective in the age of technology is to acquire skills to operate learning management systems and deliver online lectures with ease. Teachmint has helped in the professional development of teachers through its partnership with OrangeSlates.

Changing approaches to a classroom

When classes went from offline to online, the traditional approach to teaching changed. An online classroom focuses more on the individual progress of a student. Every student learns at his/her own pace.

Teachmint creates a conducive virtual environment for learning through its advanced learning management system. All the administrative tasks such as attendance, assessment, and progress reports are automated. This brings the teacher's attention to making a classroom interactive. Online classrooms have had a positive impact on learning outcomes for students.

Digitalization of education

Digitalization has become the core of all industries including education. Ed-techs have gained popularity within a short period and classrooms have turned virtual. Innovative teaching methods such as gamification have uprisen as a consequence. It is observed that young students feel more comfortable learning in the comfort of their homes because it prevents them from studying in a new environment.

As a part of the Teachmint learning management system, there are multiple features of digital upgradation:

  1. Transfer of study material through digital content in PDF, PPT, and video formats.
  2. Recorded lectures
  3. Classroom chats and live interaction
  4. Self-evaluating automated assessments
  5. Automated attendance with the attendance management system
  6. Progress tracking for students
  7. Easy user-interface

Career planning and management

From the perspective of a teacher, career planning and management is very important to improve the overall quality of education being imparted in a country. Teachmint-OrangeSlates partnership helps educators learn relevant skills to improve the quality of education.


The adoption of NEP was vital for the educational ecosystem to survive. Many ed-tech platforms stepped into the role to provide the technological, managerial, and infrastructural support to withstand the pandemic. The NEP was launched at a crucial stage so that education remains unaffected.

The technological journey that educational institutions embarked on as a response was phenomenal. The change brought was sustainable and continues even today after the pandemic has subsided.

Teachmint has kept pace with this technological transformation and enhanced the technological capabilities of the country following the National Education Policy 2020.

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