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Demonstration Method - An Introduction

The demonstration method in teaching can be defined as giving a demo or performing a specific activity or concept. In other words, the demonstration method is a teaching-learning process carried out in a very systematic manner. Demonstration often occurs when students have a difficult time connecting theories to actual practice or when students are unable to understand the application of theories. In order to ensure, the demonstration method is a success, three things needed to be followed-

(a) The object being displayed during the demonstration method should not be very small.

(b) During the demonstration method, clear and simple language should be used so that pupils may understand concepts easily.

(c) The pupils should be able to question teachers in order to remove their difficulties.

The demonstration method is a great way to call for active participation from the students. A lot of time teachers can ask the students to participate while presenting to the class. This keeps them interested throughout rather than getting bored as compared to lectures where they have to sit quietly for hours and listen. It is a practical way of teaching where a complex or difficult topic can be easily explained with the help of charts, and many other props.

Characteristics of Demonstration Method

Some of the basic characteristic features of the demonstration method are-

(1) The demonstration should be carried out in a simple and easy manner. way.

(2) In this strategy, full attention should be paid to all the students in the class.

(3) Goals and objectives of the demonstration should be very clear.

(4) It should be carried out with a well-planned strategy.

(5) A set Time should be dedicated to the rehearsal before the demonstration.

Steps of Demonstration method

There are six steps of the demonstration method of the teaching process.

(1) Planning and preparation

Proper detailed planning is a prerequisite for a good demonstration. For this, the following points should be kept in mind.

  • Thorough detailed preparation of the subject matter.
  • Well-structured lesson planning.
  • Complete collection of material for demonstration.
  • Rehearsal of demonstration.

In order to ensure the success of the demonstration method of teaching, the teacher should prepare the lesson minutely and very seriously.

(2) Introduction of the lesson

The teacher should always try to motivate students and prepare them mentally for the demonstration method.

The teacher should introduce the lesson to students keeping in mind the following things.

  • Individual differences
  • Environmental setup
  • Differentiated Experiences

The lesson can also be started with some simple and interesting experiments, some fascinating stories, or a common event that everyone can relate to.

(3) Presentation of the subject

In the demonstration method of teaching, the presentation of subject matter is very important. The principle of reflecting thinking should be kept in mind. The teacher should attempt to teach the student in such a way that their previous knowledge can be attached to their new knowledge, thereby further enhancing it.

(4) Demonstration method

The performance in the demonstration table should be ideal for the student. The demonstration should be neat and clean.

(5) Teaching Aids

The teacher can use various teaching aids like models, blackboard, graphs, etc. during the demonstration.

(6) Evaluation

In this last step, evaluation of the whole demonstration should be done, so that it can be made more effective and efficient for the future.

Why should teachers use the demonstration method?

Teachers should use demonstrate method because-

  • It develops an interest in the learners and fosters active engagement from them.
  • It helps in involving various senses to make learning permanent.
  • Any complex topic can be easily explained with this method.
  • It also involves active participation from the students.
  • These demonstration methods should often be followed by a group discussion so students get a chance to revise what they have learned during the class.

Advantages of demonstration method of teaching

The demonstration method of teaching is quite advantageous for students. Given below are some benefits of this learning method.

  • It improves the understanding of complex topics and principles.
  • Students can pay attention easily and follow the learning process.
  • Knowledge gained during the demonstration method becomes permanent because it requires different senses.
  • It leads to permanent learning.
  • It also accounts for the principles of reflective thinking.
  • Students are motivated to study and gain the necessary skills.
  • It is beneficial in achieving a psychomotor objective.
  • There is no wastage of time because the student sees the process live and understands how to apply theoretical knowledge practically.
  • It helps the students in having a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • It keeps students engaged and active throughout the teaching-learning process.
  • It helps in the creation of interest among students and imparts maximum learning.
  • It also helps in arousing the spirit of discovery among students.

Teaching in a classroom is not always a breeze. It requires specific strategies that ensure student engagement and participation such as the demonstration method of teaching. In this method, teachers ask students to perform a demonstration using a prop, chart, or image drawn about the subject matter.

Features of Demonstration Method:

The success of any classroom strategy depends on how well its methods and goals are understood, not only by teachers but also by students. The major features of the demonstration method of teaching are as follows.

  • The demonstration process should be clearly defined during practice while following a pre-planned strategy.
  • All attention should be focused on students' behaviour and activities during the presentation.
  • Clear and easy-to-understand language should be employed during the demonstration.

The end goal of the exercise is fulfilled if students are capable of approaching the teacher with any doubts about the topic being taught.

Steps involved in the Demonstration Method of teaching:

There are 6 steps in the demonstration method used by teachers, each of which plays an integral role in an effective end product.

Step 1: Teachers must prepare a well-structured lesson plan to maintain efficiency throughout the task.

Step 2: Introducing the lesson within the classroom is a crucial step since it allows students to clarify their doubts about the upcoming assignment in the demonstration.

Step 3: The lesson should be taught keeping in mind that students will base their future learning upon the information they receive from the teacher.

Step 4: The demonstration method is created to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the presenter, and helps to overcome challenges through a spirit of discovery.

Step 5: Use teaching aids like whiteboards, graphs and charts to help explain concepts.

Step 6: Feedback and evaluation can be included to improve the results in the next demonstration process.

Advantages of the Demonstration Method of Teaching:

The major advantages of this classroom strategy are as follows.

  • Students get a chance to participate.
  • Helps teachers explain even complex topics.
  • Allows students to discuss in a group and build social skills.
  • The demonstration method results in permanent learning.
  • It is a time and cost-effective teaching strategy.


It is the most suitable method for teaching students of all age groups, especially in higher classes. If a teacher feels that the demonstration is taking much time then he would have to take the help of students. Similarly, a small group of students can be invited to the demonstration table. Students can also demonstrate the experiment. This might help in removing objections regarding the non-availability of the learning by doing approach.

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