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Discovering New Opportunities With The Help Of Teachmint!

Krishna Kumar Yadav, one of the most famous  Accountancy teachers of Allahabad is surely everyone's favorite. Hailing from the heart of Uttar Pradesh- Allahabad, he always knew teaching was his perfect match. Krishna sir is highly qualified, he holds a bachelor's and master's degree in commerce from Allahabad University. He has also completed his PGDCA(Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application) from Subharti University.

"Where there is a will, there is a way"

Krishna Kumar Sir is a man who has made these words come to life for all the people who know him. Krishna sir always knew that he was made for teaching, but his parents did not support his dream. He felt distressed, exactly how a branch feels after separating from its parent tree. But he decided to fight back and did not let any setbacks hold him from dreaming high.

In order to manage funds for completing his education, he started teaching, as the only thing he was passionate about was teaching. He decided to give his best shot and put in the best efforts and guess what, he sailed through it! He not only completed his studies but also established himself as one of the best accountancy teachers. Krishna sir makes a perfect online teacher as the knowledge he has about his subject is exemplary. The cherry on the cake here is that he is tech-savvy. He holds more than nine years of experience as a teacher and runs his own coaching institute called- Krishna Commerce.

He has been associated with Teachmint for more than one year now, and here is what he has to say about his experience with Teachmint.

"While I was trying to establish myself as an online educator, I tried many online teaching apps. But somehow I could not convince myself that those platforms were the best to teach my students. I wanted to give my students the best experience and comfort. The other apps I used, either required the use of multiple apps to conduct one single class or didn't have the best features all in one place. Then one day I came across Teachmint and instantly decided to install it. The moment I opened the app and saw its amazing user interface and wonderful features, I knew Teachmint was the one-stop solution for all my problems. Teaching always gave me happiness and satisfaction, but I was somehow not satisfied with my online teaching. But since I started using Teachmint, I have started feeling happy and satisfied again. The features of the app are just amazing. My students now praise me as they save a lot of data, in addition, there is no sort of disturbance while taking the classes. The app is smooth and fulfills every single requirement of an online educator or online student.

Krishna sir also feels that Teachmint is a great opportunity for all the teachers to expand their horizons. But it is a golden opportunity for the teachers who reside in rural areas as they won't have to move to cities for good job opportunities. With Teachmint, teachers can teach from their preferred and convenient location.

When asked about his inspiration behind becoming a teacher, he said-

Watching my students succeed and happy in life automatically gives me a boost. My students are my biggest cheerleaders and I love teaching them and watching them smile. There nothing except teaching that I would do, and there is nothing except teaching that I would choose.

We wish Krishna sir all the best for his future. Stay tuned to this space for more such inspiring stories.

Teachmint is keen on changing the future of education with its advanced LMS and ERP tools. With more than 20+ modules for educational institutions like admission management, attendance management system, performance management, and more; it is changing the teaching-learning experience.

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