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Engaging Online Session- Tips for Teachers

Online learning is a type of education that allows learners to learn a subject or topic from anywhere in the globe by making use of the internet. In today's time, online education has grown in popularity among professionals and students due to the flexibility and convenience it provides. The difficult time of the Covid-19 outbreak has demonstrated that online learning is the future of education. An online course may include both paid and free versions. Online education is available to students of all ages. By adopting the online learning method, the learners can avoid various hurdles in the learning journey. Hurdles like geographical barriers, etc. can be escaped with the help of online learning tools.
However, teachers often believe that the lack of a real classroom, teacher, and students will slow down and monotonize the teaching-learning process, making online live sessions less engaging for the learners. If you are a teacher who fears the same, don't panic; we have got you covered. Here are some amazing tips that are sure to help the teachers in making their online classes engaging.

Tips for Conducting Engaging Online Classes

1- Encourage Student Participation- Occasionally, all a child needs is a little prodding to overcome their worries and self-doubt. After you've explained a topic, ask your pupils to choose a topic and explain it to their classmates in the next class. This will not only improve their knowledge of the subject but can also be used as a confidence-building activity. This will aid them in overcoming their fear of public speaking or stage fright while also allowing them to have a thorough understanding of their subjects.
2- Include Storytelling- We all enjoy good stories, right? Storytelling is an excellent way to teach in an online classroom. Teachers have the capacity to turn dry subjects into engaging stories. Rather than merely laying out the concepts, attempt to weave a tale around them, whether it's algebra, anatomy, or organic chemistry. Solicit feedback and recommendations from your pupils, as well as their predictions for what will happen next. The classes will be more interactive and entertaining as a result.
3- Set Clear Goals at the Beginning- When teachers set a specific objective in the beginning of the session, it becomes much easier to make the online session interesting and engaging. Both teachers and students will be able to interact regularly and tune the flow of the learning process for improved engagement. Planning the session well is essential; chores and assignments must be done on time in order to meet deadlines, allowing the curriculum to expand beyond its applications. Only when students find their online sessions well-planned, they will be able to learn better in the online classroom. This tip will also assist the teachers in keeping track of each student's progress on a regular basis.

Understanding your students' requirements and coming up with an experience that helps them comprehend their course in the best possible way is the role of a good teacher. Conducting engaging online sessions is not rocket science when the teachers follow the right teaching tips. By following the above-mentioned tips you will be ready to go and organize the most interesting sessions for your students.

Thank you and Happy Teaching!

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