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How to Write SOP - A Guide for Students

SOP stands for Statement of Purpose. A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one such aspect that is extremely important in the application process for students who want to study abroad. Creating an appealing SOP is essential for the assessment committee to comprehend your commitment to the programme for which you have applied. An SOP is a bridge between your past experience and the future that you want to build at the particular program at a specific university.

The SOP is used by the admissions counselors to decide whether you’re right fit for that program. Some points to consider on how to write SOP are as follows-

  1. Purpose
    You need to make a clear articulation of your goals and interests that includes why do want to do study in the first place, why do you want to study that course and why do you want to do your graduation from that particular university. Point to note here is that if you are doing a research based program, is that any particular research interest that you have to fulfill. And then if you are applying for a professional or taught program, what are the skills and knowledge that you hope to gain through that program.

2. Previous Experience

A lot of students search on how to write sop and resulting on plethora of options they get confused on what all to include in your statement. Including all past experiences is one of the points that they miss out on filling it with validation. It is very important to state your past experiences in your SOP. Point out on that work experience where you had gained that skills that would make you a fit for that particular course.
Think about it, how does that experience relate to the program? It is important to share vivid concrete examples of the work that you’ve done in your SOP. For example you may have written a paper, perhaps it was published somewhere, or maybe you did a project that directly relates to the work that you want to do at the university or college. Maybe you made a presentation you worked with a mentor and all of that relates directly to the program. Give them those specific examples because then it makes them believe that you’re ready for graduate school.

3. Program

This is the point where you need to identify and validate the particular program that you are option for. This is the crux of the SOP. The SOP is the bridge between your past experiences and the future that you want to build with the program at that college. While you are addressing this aspect of your SOP, think about these questions - Which country are you applying to? And why is that you are choosing that particular country. Why do you want to study at that college. You must remember to use the right words to show that you’ve done research on the college and are really interested in going and joining them. Then think and write about how does your work or your future ambitions connect with the program. What is that you are looking to gain from the program. How does the program fulfill your needs and interest. What is that particular module or facet that you like about the program.

4. Personality

Apart from your work experience and your academics, what is that makes you unique. What are those traits that you want to showcase to the admissions officer? How do you think you are going to contribute to the student body? Studying in a multicultural environment you are going to get a great exposure, how are you going to utilise that to learn better. Do include all the extra curricular that you have been engaged in during school and college. Students who aim to study abroad always search on how to write sop and land up on conclusions of adding only the academic and experiences section and do not focus on the personality, yet it is one of the most important point that is going to help you stand out from the rest.

5. Procedure

It is to note that if you get the procedure right, the end result will be perfect. The first point here to to begin early. Start early with your research about which country you’d like to study and which university and course and more importantly adding to these are the aspects of finance, the fees and funding and accommodation. Research ahead of time about the living conditions of international students in that country, know about the college facilities and more. Begin early with your SOP, give yourself a 3-4 months in framing the ideal SOP for your college application.

Hope this blog helps you in answering - how to write SOP. Stay tuned to this space to read more such blogs.

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