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How Combined Study can Aid in the Learning Process


What is meant by the term combined study? It is quite a common phrase that echoes within school and college walls. Combined study is one of the most effective ways to help students study and prepare for examinations. It is basically a group of students who are relatively closed to each other or have a common goal who come together for the purpose of studying a particular subject or group of subjects. A combined studies session can be on the basis of friendship or towards the goal of learning as much as possible about that subject from each other.

Is Combined Study Better Than Individual Study?

Now, this is a topic that is highly subjective. One person might find combined study the most effective way of learning about something, while another person might find combined study extremely ineffective. So it comes down to personal choice. If you are someone who prefers silence while studying and likes to take their studies at their own pace, then individual study will be a better option. On the other hand, if you are a student who loves to bounce ideas off other people and learn from other peoples' oral recitation, then combined study is probably your forte.

Benefits of Combined Study

If you are a person who is compatible with this mode of studying, there are a lot of benefits that await you. Given below are a few of them.

Eliminating Procrastination

Sometimes, while studying, students might find themselves drifting off and thinking of other things over the course of a few minutes of sitting idle. If you are such a student, then combined study will be a very good way of breaking out of that habit. Regular schedule combined study sessions can help eliminate procrastination by setting a time for studying with people who are interested in it. However, this happens only when all the students who are participating in the combined study session want to study and are focused enough.


Students who work together in groups to achieve common goals of learning can provide encouragement to each other and keep themselves motivated towards achieving those goals. If you are a student who does not find the motivation to study something new, a combined study session can help in this regard.

Studying Subjects You are Not Interested In

This is arguably one of the most advantageous uses of combined study sessions. Every student has strong subjects and weak subjects, and they usually resent having to study those subjects in which they considered themselves to be weak. This is where a combined session can come in handy. The same subject that you might consider yourself to be weak in can be the strong suit of another person, and hence they will be able to explain that subject better to you, hence making the whole process easier and less laborious. It also saves time and energy on your behalf. Similarly, you may be able to help the same person with another subject that you may consider yourself strong in.

Better Commitment to Studies

Since each member of the group commits to participate in it completely, it becomes a necessity on everybody's part to stay up to date with class assignments, quizzes, tests, and other activities in class as well as deadlines for projects and assignments.

Better Responsibility and Self Accountability

As mentioned earlier, each member of the group participates in the learning process completely. Generally what happens in a combined study session is that one person will prepare very well for one subject while another person might prepare another portion of another topic or subject according to their preferences. They will then cross-reference their subjects with each other to make sure that each person has a unique subject or topic that they will be able to teach to the rest of the group. This makes sure that there is no overlap. Hence, each person is directly responsible for learning that particular subject in-depth and teaching all the other members of the group in such a way that everybody understands the concept thoroughly. This helps to build responsibility in the students at a young age because each person is accountable for their actions.

Build Better Communication Skills

In today's digital age it is quintessential to have a very good base in communication skills. With a very good study group, you can achieve better communication skills because in order to put your point across in an understandable way you will have to use your language creatively and make the concept simpler just by using words. This requires a very good grasp of vocabulary as well as knowledge of that subject. Another important point that needs to be highlighted here is that not everyone in the study group might see eye to eye on every topic. However, they will have to put aside their differences for the common goal of learning. Hence combined study also fosters a sense of diplomacy and the importance of civil discussion and dialogue among students.


If you are a person who finds all of this appealing, combined study is what will help you the best in studying. You will have to find like-minded people for combined study to work effectively but once you do, studying well no longer seems like a chore but rather a very enjoyable process which you will start looking forward to. Even though it cannot be treated as a form of experiential learning, combined study sessions can be a total and complete experience altogether and make your school and college life more memorable and enjoyable.

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