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How to Ace Online Exams With Exam Management System?

Time has changed the learning speed, teaching technique, and modes of conducting classes. Now, classes run beyond school boundaries. Also, students get access to online learning materials anytime. As a result, learners have become proactive and adaptive. They are exposed to new technology each day, and these technologies have also changed the process of evaluating their performance. Teachers can create online exams to judge the performance of their students. Earlier, the online exam was limited to competitive and entrance examinations but today schools and colleges have also adopted this format of student evaluation.

Even though schools and colleges have started opening their campuses, they prefer conducting online exams. These exams are conducted effortlessly through an online exam management system. This management system streamlines the evaluation process and offers the desired result effortlessly.

Selecting and investing in an online exam management system may seem a costly and time-consuming process but it offers long-term benefits to educational institutions. Teachers can create online exams in multiple formats with this software. Also, they do not require to watch students’ activities during the examinations.

Let us understand how an exam management system can be beneficial for educational institutions.

Benefits of an online exam management system

Assessing students’ performance is a costly and time-consuming process. Earlier, teachers used to spend a lot of time framing question papers. Also, they needed to invigilate students during the assessment process. In addition, they had to correct the answer sheets to publish the results. All these processes took a lot of time, and results were delayed.

With automation, the process of conducting examinations has become easier. Here are a few benefits of using online exam management software.

  1. Reduces workforce requirement

Conducting offline exams requires human resources, money, and lots of paper. All these enhance the overall cost of the examination. Even though every school has a set budget for tests, they have to manage the assessment processes with limited human resources. Conducting an offline exam requires help from various departments. The school management needs support from administrative and academic staff, moderators, and supervising staff during the actual exam. Managing a pool of human resources require money which pushes the operation cost of the institution.

Schools and other educational institutions can avoid these extra charges by adopting an online exam management system. Students can attempt the exam anytime from their homes using their devices. Also, teachers can save their time by designing question papers through online software. In addition, they do not need to correct the answer sheets manually. Many online exam software provides auto-graded tests for student evaluation.

2. Cost-effective

Offline exams require the use of various stationery like papers, pens, and other stuff. It impacts the financial budget of the school and also affects the environment. After completion of exams, the evaluated answer sheets and question papers go into scrap. As every organization is looking for ways to improve the health of the environment, educational institutions also need to take steps in this direction.

The online exam helps schools and colleges save paper and promote sustainability. In this exam format, the answer sheets are uploaded on web portals and students attempt the test through electronic devices. As a result, schools can save paper by eliminating the need for printing question and answer sheets.

3. Enhanced security

Offline exams have security threats. There are incidents of tampering with the question papers before examinations. However, these threats remain under control in an online exam scenario. An online exam management system is based on cloud technology which makes data security effortless.

4. Reduces logistic cost

Setting up an examination center is a lengthy and costly process. Also, students living in farther locations may need to put more effort to reach the allotted centers. All these problems can be solved by adopting an online exam management system. Online exams break the geographical barriers as students can attempt examinations from anywhere at their convenience.

5. Improved supervision of students

An online exam management system offers camera-based surveillance. Teachers can monitor students’ activities during exams. Also, they can prevent students from cheating by shuffling the questions.

Every school has its assessment process. However, the exam patterns are somewhat similar across many educational institutions. Moreover, conducting exams smoothly is a major task for any school or college. An online exam management software can make this process easier for them.

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