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How to Choose the Best Attendance Management System

“Attendance” is the most crucial part of every organization as it keeps a count on individuals. It helps an organization understand how many of its staff are present at the workplace at a given point in time. Recording attendance is a normal process in every educational institution. However, this process is time-consuming and reduces the productivity of teachers at the workplace. An attendance management system makes the work easier for teachers by offering them the benefits of recording attendance in a few clicks. With this system, teachers can easily track students’ presence or absence without wasting time.

The market is filled with various vendors offering attendance management systems for educational institutions. However, institutes must look at specific features before selecting an attendance management software. Here are the top features that school management must look at before procuring a system for their everyday attendance needs.

Features of Attendance Management System

The top features that must not be overlooked are:

Multiple ways to record attendance

An attendance management system should be able to record attendance in both online and offline formats. The non-availability of a stable internet connection must not hinder the attendance-taking process. Moreover, the software should provide multiple ways through which teachers can record classroom attendance. For example, the software should enable teachers to record class-wise attendance. They can select the class and division, and the software will display the name of students accordingly.

Attendance reports

In addition to multiple ways of recording attendance, the attendance management software should provide detailed reports of the recorded attendance. Teachers and admins can use the reports to know the number of students meeting the attendance criteria. Moreover, the record also shows the attendance trend in the classroom. The report is categorized according to the class, division, and subject.

Attendance notification to parents

The attendance management system alerts parents about the presence or absence of their kids. It keeps parents in the loop and sends real-time information to them.

School admins and other decision-makers must keep these features in mind before selecting an attendance management software. In addition, they must do proper research to understand what objectives they want to achieve from an attendance management system.

Types of Attendance Management Systems

Various time and attendance systems make the task easier for school admins and teachers. Some prominent types of this software include:


When using a timecard-based attendance management software, every student is given a card that resembles a credit card. These cards automate the time tracking system, and students need to swipe the cards to record their attendance.

Proximity cards and badges

These cards are suitable for tracking students’ movements within the campus. The attendance is tracked with the help of a reader that scans badges or proximity cards from a distance.


Biometric systems use facial recognition, fingerprints, and other biological identifiers to track the attendance of students. These systems ensure compliance as it offers high accuracy and increases the accountability of students.

Web-based login

Web-based login records presence or absence as and when students punch the attendance through their electronic devices. Students can sign in through their laptops, computers, or mobile devices to record their attendance.

These are some interactive ways to record student attendance. Admins can use the attendance management software to ease the work of teachers and improve classroom productivity. Moreover, with the help of this software, teachers can easily manage their classroom activities.

What is the Purpose of the Attendance Monitoring System?

An attendance management system is crucial for every educational institution. It improves teachers’ productivity by taking care of the process of recording attendance. The objective of this system is to reduce errors and the workload of educators. Moreover, the system also ensures better compliance.

The purpose of using an attendance management system is mentioned below.

  • Keep a track of students’ attendance
  • Mark presence and absence
  • Check attendance status through the app
  • Generate monthly, weekly, and yearly reports
  • Data storage and recovery
  • Reduced paperwork and enhanced efficiency
  • Real-time tracking of attendance
  • Prevent proxy and other errors
  • Improves operational efficiency and data management process

Before selecting an attendance management system, admins and other decision-makers must know about the vendors offering such solutions. In addition, they must look at the benefits offered by the solution providers.

Why is it Essential to Have an Attendance Management System?

An institute cannot run without managing its operational activities efficiently. To make an institute rank above others, collaborative effort is required from all stakeholders. However, school admins and teachers cannot focus on improving academic standards if they are burdened with operational activities. Therefore, automation is crucial as it improves efficiency and makes teachers and admins focus on improving the quality of education.

An attendance management system tracks student and staff hours. It eliminates the need for manual timekeeping and makes the attendance management process hassle-free. The software helps institutes minimize errors, save time, and maintain accurate records. In addition to providing these benefits, admins and teachers can use the software to generate detailed reports. This software also prevents duplication of entries, and the system can be integrated with learning management systems.

Importance of Attendance Management Software

Recording attendance is a crucial activity in every educational institution. The attendance has to be marked to know the number of students present within the classroom boundaries at a given point in time. Having a proper attendance management system in place smoothens the entire administration process. With the help of attendance management software, teachers can mark classroom attendance in a few minutes. The system can easily store vast data that can be accessed by relevant people. The data is stored on cloud technology and hence provides enhanced security. Moreover, the information can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

In addition to providing ease to school management, attendance management software also provides detail and insights into students’ activities. Teachers can view data on the dashboard. These data are available in an easy-to-understand format and represented in the form of graphs and charts. The administration can check the reports during internal audits and inspections.

Advantages of an Attendance Management System

The major advantages of using this system are:

Cost reduction

An automated attendance system reduces time and cost. It eliminates the use of paper and brings down the expenses incurred on purchasing stationeries.

Easy reporting

The system provides real-time insights and helps the management make better decisions. It also allows admins to download attendance reports and look into data through an interactive dashboard.

Leave management

Various attendance management systems enable teachers and students to manage their leaves with a single click. With the help of this system, stakeholders can track, manage, grant, or reject leaves.


When running an educational organization, stakeholders must receive all the information at the right time. It ensures better visibility and helps them make timely decisions. The attendance management software allows admins to generate reports that show details like presence and absence in a classroom.

Reduced administrative load

Traditionally, teachers calculate the attendance percentage of each student manually. This consumes a lot of time and makes them involved in redundant tasks. This redundancy hampers the overall productivity within the organization. With an attendance management system, teachers can reduce their workload as the system automatically collects data and generates reports. As a result, educators do not need to flip on the pages of attendance registers to calculate attendance percentages in their classrooms.

Improved productivity

Manual tracking of attendance takes a lot of resources to process sheets and create schedules. With an automated system, these processes can be handled easily. Moreover, it allows institutes to optimize the use of resources.

Easy integration

The attendance management system can be integrated with other software to provide ease to teachers, admins, and students. Moreover, the system can also be integrated with other administrative systems like biometric and swipe systems. In addition, various attendance management systems also allow institutes to create customized attendance policies according to their needs.

Before installing an attendance management system, educational organizations must weigh their needs and understand how this software will work for them.

How to Choose an Attendance Management System?

When selecting suitable software for attendance management, admins must look at the factors mentioned below.

Affordability and Flexibility

Choosing the best software becomes difficult if anyone has multiple available options. However, admins must select a system that offers flexibility and can be scaled. Many times, the operational needs change. These changes are evident during the start of a new academic session. As more students are enrolled in the classroom, managing their attendance becomes difficult. Therefore, admins must choose a system that is affordable, reliable, and scalable for several years.


The system should avoid duplication and errors which happen when recording manual attendance. Moreover, teachers should be able to mark attendance in a few clicks. The system should also generate a consolidated report of the same.

Ease of use

Choosing a system that is complex to understand and use is a big NO for educational institutions. Many times, non-tech-savvy teachers may not find solace in using such software. They may feel exhausted trying to understand its mechanism. Therefore, admins must choose a system that can be handled easily. Moreover, having a dedicated customer support system is also crucial when selecting an attendance management software.

Easy integration

The software chosen by admins for their educational institution must integrate smoothly and effortlessly with other software. Moreover, the system should be able to accommodate the needs of educational institutions of every size.


A cloud-based system enables data protection and storage. It also protects data from getting tampered with or lost. Meanwhile, admins and other users can access the data anytime at their convenience.


An attendance management system must ensure better compliance on the side of students. Moreover, it should meet regulatory compliances and other requirements followed in an organization.

Reports and graphs

Presenting the captured data in an easy-to-understand format is crucial. If admins and other stakeholders are unable to decipher what the data means, they may not be able to make proper decisions. Therefore, the system should present the information through interactive reports and graphs.

Having these features in place will help admins take maximum advantage of an attendance management system. Various vendors offer a customizable solution to school management that makes the work easier for them. Admins must select a system that fulfills their requirements and reduces the workload of teachers.

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