Best Certification Courses for Students

Importance of Certification Courses for Students

  • Ayushi Singh
    Ayushi Singh

Every industry wants to hire and retain the best employees. However, due to increased competition in every field, students willing to get a job need to upgrade their knowledge. Certification courses can help them expand their knowledge and be ahead of their competitors. At the time of hiring an employee, hiring managers give preference to candidates who are certified professionals. Certification courses help candidates show and build their expertise in their field of interest. Moreover, it also offers better opportunities and helps in job advancement. These courses put forward various benefits for students willing to start their professional careers.

Let us proceed further to understand how these courses can help students in their professional development.

Benefits of certification courses for students

Certification courses are required in almost every industry because of the benefits they offer. Some of the significant advantages of undergoing certification are:

  • Every job uses the latest technology to make its processes more efficient. A certification course helps students understand the underlying technology needed to perform a task efficiently and effectively.
  • The courses enhance the skill sets of individuals and make them job-ready. These skill sets are essential to deal with complex projects and dynamic work environments. Certification also improves the confidence level of students and helps them build their trust in themselves.
  • The certification courses are developed to help individuals excel in their professional life. The curriculum helps students develop practical skills needed in the working environment. It has been observed that when an individual has prior knowledge of their subject area, they can perform the task more confidently.
  • The courses offer training on various aspects of the subjects and guide students to use the acquired knowledge in their working environment. Moreover, the courses help the employer understand the knowledge of their employees.
  • Certification programs also offer detailed knowledge and skills to students. These skills are necessary to perform their job functions more efficiently. Moreover, it makes them competitive.
  • These courses help in career advancement and make students adaptable to the work environment.

These benefits can be achieved when students take courses that are relevant to their skills and career domain. Let us look at some of the best internationally recognized certification courses for students.

Internationally recognized certification courses for students

Students can participate in the following courses to enhance their skills and make them apt for the job market.


TEFL is a certification course that helps students understand the basics of English language construction. The course is offered by the U.S. Department of Education Recognized Agency. Students willing to undergo this course need to spend 4 weeks to 6 months on this English language course. Alternatively, students can also opt for four-week courses that run for a shorter period. However, they should remember that these courses are more demanding and require 30-40 hours every week.

SQL Data Certification

Many organizations and technology companies offer SQL data certification for students. These certification courses are essential for students willing to make a career in databases like SQL and PL/SQL. These certifications help students understand the fundamental SQL concepts needed to undertake data-centric projects.

CIA Certification

Students willing to make a career in the internal audit domain can take the CIA certification course. The most preferred certification course on this topic is conducted by The Institute of Internal Auditors.

Business Analytics

Students can undertake the business analytics course offered by Harvard University. The course ends in eight weeks and is available in the English language. This certification course helps students develop their analytical mindset and makes them understand the importance of data in the development of an organization.

Video game development

Online gaming has gained popularity in recent years. Students wanting to develop video games can opt for certification courses related to video game development. They can choose between full-time and part-time courses. The course duration runs anywhere from one to two years.


Students can learn about various cyber threats and their management through this course. The course covers litigations, management of operational and reputational risk, compliance and legal risk for an organization, etc.

Blockchain 101

Students will learn about the basics of blockchain and its uses through the certification courses on blockchain technology. Moreover, they will also learn about different cryptocurrencies and how they work.

The demand for online certification courses is rising every day. Having these certifications will expose students to better job opportunities. Every organization needs an employee with relevant skill sets to perform the job efficiently. Therefore, certification courses can be considered a safe passage for students.