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Importance of Literary Club in Schools


Students have access to a whole world of opportunities through literary works. It fosters the creative and analytical skills of the students. As they explore the literary world more, they will be able to articulate their thoughts in the most creative way. When students are able to express their innovative ideas in the most effective way, they will have the opportunity to excel in a variety of endeavours. The literary club offers a myriad of possibilities for students to develop a flair for different languages. Let us look at different reasons why a literary club is necessary for your students.

Role of Literary Club

Unleash the Creative Skills

The power of literary texts to unleash the creative potential of students is well known. Books assist students in broadening their perspectives and thinking beyond the textbooks that they learn at school. Since literary texts or reading a text requires active engagement, it stimulates the creative thinking and concentration power of your students. This helps them to come up with creative ideas that are novel and can make a difference.

Improves the Communication Skills

As mentioned earlier, literary club activities enable students to articulate their ideas in a better way. In this way, they will be able to make an impact in the minds of their audience. The activities involved in literary clubs ensure that students have the provision to express their ideas. In this way, students will be able to improve their communication skills. Communication skills are essential for students to thrive in any field of work. When students’ communication skills improve, they will be able to perform well in their academic endeavors as well. Hence, schools ought to organize literary club activities for the students to improve their communication skills.

Boosts the Confidence

When students acquire the ability to communicate effectively, they feel confident. When students participate in various activities, they get to explore the wide domain of their imagination. It inspires them to voice their opinions and exhibit their ideas. This play a key role in boosting their confidence levels. You can also appreciate students and reward them for displaying their capabilities and talents. This would be a massive encouragement for your students in order to try harder and do better. Building the confidence levels of your students will also positively impact their academic performance.

Instill Reading Habits

Literary clubs inculcate reading habits in your students. Students should develop an interest in reading as it would improve their language skills. Reading habits would also help students in building their vocabulary. When students improve their language skills, they will be able to communicate better and convey their thoughts better.

Literary Club Activities


This is a great way to introduce students to the world of poetry. For taking part in the competition or other activities, students would read a variety of poems. In this way, they might develop an interest in poetry. Moreover, through recitation competitions, students would have the opportunity to recite their favorite poems in the most beautiful way.


The ability to tell a story and engage the listeners is not innate. Storytelling talent can be developed through literary club activities. Such opportunities would improve the communication skills of the students and they will learn to convince people through their outstanding storytelling skills.

Book Review

This is another activity that can inculcate reading habits in students. Literary clubs can encourage students to read different types of books and share their reviews in meetings. It inspires students to read more and also critically analyze books. Moreover, it can develop an interest in a genre that they haven’t explored before.


Through newsletters, students can share their creative literary works. It can be circulated or displayed in school. Students will be encouraged to exhibit their talents in this way. Moreover, their appreciation and good remarks about their work would definitely boost their confidence in themselves.

Different Competitions

Literary clubs can organize various competitions like poetry writing, story writing, recitation, storytelling, elocution, extempore, essay writing, etc. The best works of the students can be rewarded. This would encourage them to participate in more such competitions. Moreover, it would be a great opportunity for them to unveil their creativity and talents. They would be able to overcome stage fright and their low self-confidence through such competitions.

Awareness Campaigns

Awareness campaigns can be of great help to educate students about the importance of literary talents and their contributions to their development. Educators can celebrate special days like International Literacy Day, World Book Day, etc. In this manner, students will understand the significance of such events.

Word of the Day

The literary club plays an important role in building the vocabulary of students. Educators can initiate the habit of introducing a word to the students every day. It can be written on the blackboard or displayed in the classroom with the help of charts. Hence, students learn a word and its usage every single day.

Graphic Novel/ Story

Through this activity, students can illustrate their stories through drawings or paintings. It could be visually appealing to the students who read them and also expands their imagination.


The primary objective of the literary club is to promote the literary talents of your students. Moreover, it provides them with the chance to express their creativity and talents in the best possible way. The above-mentioned activities are some suggestions for you to kindle the creative capabilities of your students. With the assistance of these activities, they may develop an interest in the literary world and acquire the skills needed to effectively showcase their talents.

Teachmint has a number of features that make the experience of a literary club more fun and engaging. To know more about experiential learning, watch the video below.

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