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Importance of Parent Teacher Meeting & How Can Parents Contribute

Are you not in sync with the learning progress of your child? Haven’t you got the time to visit your child’s school? If you are saying yes to these questions, you can attend a parent-teacher meeting to understand the learning and development process of your child.

You may feel overwhelmed taking time from your busy schedule and making it to the school campus. However, attending the parent-teacher meeting is crucial as it gives you an idea of the learning progress of your child. Parents and teachers must take this initiative to facilitate the personal and academic development of children. Moreover, they understand the strengths and weaknesses of children through regular interactions.

Here are a few reasons that explain the importance of parent-teacher meetings and how you can contribute to such meetings as a parent.

Understand your child’s environment

Evaluating your child's learning environment is a continuous process and requires time. You cannot know all about the learning environment during the admission process and initial conversations. During the parent-teacher meeting, you can understand the environment your child is in. Also, it gives you a chance to interact with other parents and students. You can roam around the place to learn about its infrastructure. PTA meetings also give you the chance to go through the titles available in the library. In addition, you will understand the hygiene and safety standards on the school premises.

Know the people around your child

Your child meets different people in school and some of them create an impact on their lives. Therefore, understanding the personality of these people becomes crucial. You can develop rapport and seek support from them at any point in time. Understanding their behavior and personality becomes important as you can seek their advice whenever needed.

Help teachers understand their students

For teachers to motivate their students and extract the best out of them, they need to understand their students’ personalities and behavior. PTA meetings allow parents to interact with teachers and give minute information about their children. Parents and teachers can discuss students’ strengths, weaknesses, and inherent talents in such meetings. Moreover, guardians can inform educators about the medical condition, family issues, or any other incident impacting the academic performance of children.

Know the learning progress of your child

Ascertaining a child’s involvement in academic activities can be hard. You may not know how your child is learning and performing in school activities. During parent-teacher meetings, you can understand the learning curve of your child and get first-hand information about the same. To get a better understanding, you can ask teachers about your child’s inclination toward extracurricular activities. Also, you can understand your child’s responsiveness in the classroom by asking relevant questions to the teachers.

Understand your child’s friends and their behavior

A parent-teacher meeting allows you to interact with your child’s friends and know the kind of relationship they develop on the school campus. You can also interact with other parents and form a community to handle the common issues faced by children.

Give feedback

Parent-teacher meeting allow you to provide feedback to school management. If you are worried about infrastructural inadequacies or security concerns, you can talk to the administrator. If you feel the need for improvement, you can express your concerns during the meeting.

By attending the parent teacher meeting, you are giving time to the holistic development of your child. This meeting also gives you the time to focus on the obstacles that may hinder the progress of your child.

Questions to ask in a parent teacher meeting

Asking the questions mentioned below will help you understand the learning progress of your child better.

In which areas does my child perform better?

Asking this question will help you understand the strengths of your child. Moreover, you will understand what you can do to improve the skill sets of your child.

What are the challenges faced by my child?

It will help you understand the obstacles that your child may be facing during their learning process. You can help your child overcome such challenges.

How does my child interact with other children? Do they feel any difficulty when striking up a conversation with others?

Asking this question will help you evaluate the social skills of your child. You can understand if your child can easily connect with others.

Does my child remain updated with the homework assignments?

It will help you understand if your child is up-to-date with their assignments. Moreover, it lets you know if they take their studies seriously.

Taking hints from the questions mentioned above, you can delve deeper into your child's educational journey. You can understand what you can do to help your child sail the ocean of knowledge smoothly.

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