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Importance of Progress Report in Schools


A student has to keep improving his/her performance to achieve academic excellence. In order to keep track of students' progress in their academic endeavors, teachers frame report cards. Progress report give students an overview of their overall performance in a semester or over an academic year. This report enables students to understand their shortcomings and strengths and work on their weaknesses to excel in academics. In addition, progress report allows parents access to their child’s academic journey. Moreover, they can take the necessary steps to assist their children to perform better in school.

What Does a Report Card Contain?

Given below are some of the core elements of every progress report.

Grades Obtained

A report card would have information about the grades or the scores obtained by the student in each subject. It may also have the percentage of marks secured by the students in the exams they have appeared in.

Behavior in Classroom

A student’s behavior in the classroom reflects a lot about a student’s character. Schools play a key role in the personality development of students. So, careful evaluation of students’ behavior would be of great help for the growth and development of students' character.

Attendance Details

Students' attendance would contribute to the success of the students. Their attendance in the classroom helps them to get thoroughly involved in the lessons and to achieve better results. Hence, details of students’ attendance are also an important part of any progress report.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities help students to develop the soft skills that would help them to land the job of their dreams. They would also be able to unveil their creative abilities through such activities. Hence, the report would also have information about the student’s participation and excellence in extracurricular activities.

Teacher Remarks

Teacher remarks would include teachers’ feedback regarding the student's performance in the whole academic year or semester. Teachers would provide students and parents with detailed feedback with regard to the student's accomplishments and shortcomings.

Role of Progress Report in Student Success

Ensures Improvement

Report cards provide students with an overview of their performance during a particular period of time. By thoroughly evaluating the report card, they will be able to come to a conclusion in terms of where they fall behind. It allows students to self-reflect on their performance and to work towards bettering themselves.

Parental involvement

Parents’ involvement is imperative in a child’s learning journey. When students are able to understand where their students stand in terms of their performance in school, they can adopt effective strategies at home to ensure the progress of their child. Also, in addition to teachers, they can also assist students in their learning and can improve their performance.

Tracks Progress

When students are able to witness their progress throughout an academic year. Progress in their scores would be a huge confidence booster for them. When positive changes begin to reflect on their performance, it would encourage them to put more effort into their school activities and succeed.

Enables Timely Intervention

When students and parents have access to updated information regarding the student’s scores in their academic endeavors would facilitate timely interventions. As mentioned earlier, parents can make sure that their children are falling behind and the students would be able to push further to get better grades.

Nurtures Holistic Development

Since progress report covers various activities and tasks that are part of being a student. In addition to academic activities, a progress report involves details about a student’s participation in various extracurricular activities. This ensures the holistic development of students and paves the way for their growth.


With the assistance of report cards, teachers will be able to track the progress of their students. They can understand whether their strategies have been successful through their students’ performance. If they understand that the techniques need to be revisited or new methodologies have to be implemented in order to ensure the success of students. Besides, the progress report is a great way to establish a productive learning system that tracks every step of students' progress. A report card is therefore an essential part of any school to ensure the achievement of students.

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