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50 Report Card Comments

Report card comments have to be written carefully. As a teacher, you have to take a lot of points into consideration. Especially when it comes to writing report card comments for struggling students in your classroom, it is hard and can be challenging.

Your comments need to be honest and must in no way kill the spirits of the children or their parents. You must keep in mind that there is always scope for growth and betterment. Today, we will be looking at some report card comments that you can use as remarks on report cards so that it reflects what you are trying to say and at the same time reaffirms faith and confidence. We have divided the comments into five different sections.

I. Report Card Comments Based on Student Success

Success needs to be appreciated. No matter how big or small it is, you have to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of students. Based on student success, here are a few report card comments that you can give:

  1. *Name* has shown outstanding progress in grade. Keep up the great work.
  2. Has been consistent, has exceeded expectations, and created a mark for himself/herself. It has been a pleasure teaching him/her.
  3. Amazed at the improvement and growth. Way to go.
  4. Have to appreciate his/her quality work and motivation to do better every day. Thoroughly enjoyed being his/her teacher.
  5. Teaching him/her was an absolute pleasure. He/she is focused, driven, and enthusiastic.
  6. I don’t have fingers to count his/her victories. Passionate, helpful, and super creative.
  7. Happy to see that he/she sets high standards for himself/herself and achieves them.
  8. Well deserved grades. Happy to see his/her success.
  9. Super creative, talented, and helpful. A perfect student!
  10. Has shown marked improvement in terms of grades and skills. Truly commendable.

II. Report Card Comments for students who need improvement

When you are writing comments for students who need improvement, make sure not to be too harsh and yet, convey things that they should know. They can improve only when they know where they are falling behind.

  1. There’s scope for improvement. You can do better.
  2. More focus is required. Have the potential to grow
  3. I would say he/she is using only half of his/her potential
  4. Great things are waiting for you. You will reach them if you put in a little more effort.
  5. I would like to see him/her ask for help when he/she is struggling to understand the concepts or the work assigned.
  6. It has been noticed that he/she often struggles to remember lessons that have been covered in class and it would be great if you put some extra practice at home.
  7. I would like to see him/her apply consistent effort to his/her work.
  8. With more focus and attention, you can do great things.
  9. Is not using his/her full capacity. A little nudge is necessary.
  10. I would like to see him/her to be an active participant in his/her learning.

III. Report Card Comments for students who need assistance

Again, don’t be too harsh. Keep your comments positive and to the point.

  1. I would like to see him/her ask for help when he/she is struggling to understand the concepts or the work assigned.
  2. Is determined to do things on own. However, it would be beneficial if he/she gets some extra help at home.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when required.
  4. A little extra effort is expected from a student with such potential.
  5. Spend more time reading the concepts at home.
  6. He/ she is not yet able to work in small groups as he/she struggles to focus and engage with his/her classmates.
  7. A little extra push is needed.
  8. A good kid. Needs assistance with teamwork and confidence.
  9. Great efforts, keep asking for assistance.
  10. Would benefit from slowing down and reading the set questions carefully.

IV. Report Card Comments Based on Behavior

  1. Studies well but needs to be more active in the classroom. Teamwork is required.
  2. Calm and composed, yet active at the same time. A perfect student.
  3. Need to improve focus and be a little less distracted during classes.
  4. Great improvement. She/he is learning how to listen to instructions better.
  5. When he/ she slows down and carefully completes his/her classwork, he/she creates neat work.
  6. Can improve concentration.
  7. Great composure. Mingles well with other students.
  8. Is respectful and helpful to others.
  9. Great behavior in class.
  10. Keep up the good work. Can interact more with classmates.

V. General Comments

Here are some general comments that you can use as positive remarks on report cards.

  1. There’s nothing that I would want him/ her to change. Great kid.
  2. Don’t be disappointed with the low grades, keep working.
  3. He/ she is starting to gain the confidence to contribute to classroom activities and actively takes part in discussions.
  4. He/ she not only works well with his/her classmates but is a natural leader.
  5. Keep rocking.
  6. He/ she is doing an excellent job overall this year.
  7. The perfect student that any teacher would love to have in the classroom,
  8. His/ her improvement is commendable. Participation in activities can be better.
  9. Truly a talented and blessed kid.
  10. He/ she has an excellent attitude and is always willing to learn new things.

We hope these report card comments and remarks for report card makes your job a tad bit easier. Staying positive and conveying the things that you want to is important when it comes to report card comments. As mentioned, you have to critically appreciate your students and criticize them without crushing their spirits.

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Teachers and students have a special bond, a bond that exists beyond the walls of a classroom. Both teachers and students are labelled by the connection between the two, and teachers are expected to be a source of inspiration and motivation to the latter. Hence, in a system where grades do have a certain significance, it is up to the teacher to commend or encourage using specific remarks for weak students.

Listed below are 50 quick report card comments for the upcoming semester.

Report Card Comments acknowledging success:

Good performers deserve to hear good words. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Good progress. Keep it up!
  2. He/She is a consistent performer in all subjects. Great job!
  3. He/She has made a considerable improvement throughout this grade.
  4. Shows attention to detail in all work. He/She has a good desire for improvement.
  5. An all-rounder inside and out of the classroom. Good!
  6. Well-deserved success this academic year. Hope to keep seeing a great performance in the future.
  7. Creativity knows no bounds, and this is proven by him/her.
  8. Great skill in communication and leadership. He/She is the ideal student.
  9. I have greatly enjoyed having him/her in my class this year.
  10. Focused, driven and determined. Great job.

Report Card Comments acknowledging the need for improvement:

When writing remarks for weak students, choosing the right words can be difficult. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Good effort but practice makes perfect.
  2. There is a great potential to grow. Just be patient.
  3. He/She is not using their full capacity. More effort is needed!
  4. Passive approach towards learning. Not enough.
  5. Maybe some help at home is needed for him/her to ace the upcoming exams.
  6. Just a bit more effort! Teachers are always here for extra help.
  7. Needs a little nudge to actively participate in class.
  8. Improvement is needed in hygiene and maintaining the dress code.
  9. He/She is not making proper use of study time. Needs to chat less.
  10. Great things are ahead, just need a bit more practice!

Report Card Comments acknowledging the need for assistance:

Everybody needs a little push from time to time. Here are a few to-the-point suggestions for report card comments.

  1. He/She needs to speak up in class if concepts are not understood.
  2. Not every student is built the same- it's okay to ask for help.
  3. A little extra push goes a long way!
  4. Make sure to get your basics covered, then move on to harder problems.
  5. Needs assistance making friendships in class, and is often left out of social events.
  6. He/She is recommended to regularly show up for remedial lessons.
  7. Struggles to focus during lectures. Needs a little assistance.
  8. Scope for improvement- just needs to apply themselves.
  9. Spend more time reading and reviewing the text. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  10. Good overall performance just need to focus more time on academics.

Report Card Comments acknowledging behaviour:

The school monitors not just academics but also behaviour. Here are a few suggestions addressing that.

  1. Studying is not the only aspect of student life. Be sure to actively participate in school events.
  2. He/She is a great listener and is obedient in class.
  3. He/She is a bit inactive. Make sure to submit projects on time.
  4. He/She shows the patience and respect needed to be a good leader.
  5. Is helpful to teachers, students and cleaning staff. Overall good personality.
  6. Can benefit from mingling more with students outside of friend groups.
  7. Neat work, patience shows in homework done.
  8. Kind, cheery and composed. A perfect student!
  9. He/She needs to learn how to follow instructions.
  10. He/She remains quiet in class and does not show interest in lessons.

Remarks according to percentage.


  1. Students consistently demonstrate exceptional understanding and application of concepts. Their work is consistently outstanding.
  2. Students consistently excel in all areas of study, demonstrating a deep understanding and mastery of the material.
  3. Students are a model student, consistently producing work of the highest quality and demonstrating a strong commitment to learning.


4. Student's consistently perform well, demonstrating a solid grasp of the material and consistently producing quality work.

5. Student's show strong understanding and application of concepts, with occasional areas for improvement.

  • 6. Students demonstrate proficiency in most areas, with occasional lapses in attention to detail.


7. Student's show potential and are capable of achieving higher grades with more consistent effort and focus. These students are good, they just lack in some areas where they have to improve by noticing their mistakes.

8. Student's demonstrate a basic understanding of the material but may benefit from additional practice and support.

9. Student's show improvement in certain areas but may need additional assistance in others to fully grasp the material.


10. Students are showing signs of improvement but may need more support and guidance to reach their full potential.

11. Students have shown some progress but continue to struggle in certain areas, requiring additional attention and effort. This group of students can improve themselves by some extra struggle and hard work

12. Students demonstrate effort but may need more practice and focus to improve their grades.

Below 60%:

13. Students are experiencing significant challenges and may require a personalized approach to address their academic needs. These student need to focus more on hardwok.

14. Students require immediate intervention and support to address academic difficulties and improve performance.

15. Students are facing considerable academic challenges and would benefit from a comprehensive plan to address their needs and support their learning.

Remarks according to percentage gives a better clarity on whether the student is good on studies or not. Percentage gives us the average of how the student is performing. Remarks according to percentage helps the parents to understand how their child is performing and how they can improve their performance.

Generalised Report Card Comments:

General comments are hard to make because not everyone perceives things the same way. Here are a few suggestions to end the list of 50 quick report card comments.

  1. He/She shows creativity in their answers. Keep up the good work!
  2. He/She is a perfect addition to my class.
  3. Truly an individual capable of many good things in life.
  4. He/She participates thoroughly in class and shows an attitude of leadership.
  5. He/She is an obedient student and has a strong sense of commitment to studies.
  6. Good job! Hope to have you in my class next year as well.
  7. Keeping up with this semester sure has been challenging, but you have done quite well!
  8. Always willing to learn new things, he/she is the perfect student!
  9. Has shown excellent performance throughout the year.
  10. Room for growth, hope to see this positive attitude going strong next year!

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