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Importance of Vocational Education in a Student's Life

"Job: We are on the lookout for a fresher with 10 years of experience"

Does this seem odd? Well, that is what most companies look out for in their candidates. With growing competition, businesses and organizations are eager to hire candidates who bring the skills or basic knowledge when joining to save on the training part. But how is that possible?

Well, with vocational education, the odds can be turned in your favor. Vocational education is an evolutionary move by NEP in incorporating practical training during schooling and college. It is a superb strike to use your child's curiosity and interest in upskilling them in their field of interest and making education a fun activity.

This blog discusses the importance of vocational training and how it can help transform the future for the better.

What is Vocational Education?

India is a land of blooming talent. Each kid has the potential to master skills that will help in ripening benefits during youth. Our country has grown to understand the importance of providing skill training to kids right from their schooling days rather than waiting for them to complete graduation.

Vocational education is the process of making students career ready. It includes preparing students to acquire real-time and practical experience in their chosen career field. The main objective of vocational training is to make students career-ready before graduation. The NEP 2020 has highlighted multiple reasons for including vocational training in the current learning pattern.

However, before we discuss the importance of vocational education in the present time, we also must know its history, which is highlighted in the next section.

Introduction of Vocational Training in India - A Flashback into the Past

To begin with, the inception of vocational education in India dates back to the 19th century. At that time, it was only suggested by Wood Despatch, who highlighted the importance of practical training in schools and colleges.

However, it only became known in the 20th century. The 1964 commission highlighted how vital it is to implement practical knowledge in the educational system. However, despite formulating several training programs and schools, it didn't see the light of day. The stigma continued, wherein people considered vocational training worthy only for job profiles like wireman, beautician, electrician, etc.

This very stigma has still kept us behind in adopting new trends. But its importance cannot be negated considering the growing scarcity of skilled professionals in multiple fields. Keeping this in mind, we will discuss how helpful vocational education is and why we should all accept it wholeheartedly.

Why Vocational Education is a Need of the hour?

Going ahead with our discussion, having known about the history of vocational training in India, it is time to throw light on what makes it an essential aspect in the present. NEP has put a step forward to refine the existing educational system.

Are you still wondering why to implement vocational education? The reason is quite simple; it is evolutionary in nature that works toward developing real-time practical skills. It not only works in learning new skills but also prepares youths to secure employment post-graduation.

In hindsight, there are several perks of vocational education:

  • It gives importance to developing practical skills over theoretical or rote learning
  • Children get to choose and work in their field of interest
  • Kids gain real-time experience and practical training in their field of knowledge
  • It inculcates interest in the minds of children related to the area of interest from a young age
  • It utilizes the rawness and curious nature of children to sharpen their skills before the time

Every benefit posed by the inclusion of vocational education will only make our country grow toward progress. So, now that you have a comprehensive peek into the pros of vocational education, please proceed to the next section to know the need for vocational education.

Importance of Vocational Education and Training In Our Country

In reality, we can hardly find any cons related to vocational education. There are only benefits, whether skilling children or the future of India as a talent hub. Including vocational education in the present education system directly plots for a better future for your child, lightening the road to their future. The perks include:

Refines practical skills

While the traditional education system emphasizes theoretical training, NEP's decision to implement vocational training has been a bonanza strike. Children get to work and know the importance of developing skills to make it big in their careers.

Moreover, it does not hinder their theoretical learning. On the contrary, training on-field makes it even easier for learners to understand the concepts and implement them in theory.

Secures the quest of finding a proper career

Vocational education sets a sense of responsibility in children's minds. They get the opportunity to know their field of interest and gain practical knowledge and training. Thus, when a student is ready to step into the big complex world of careers, they are skilled, prepared, and know what profession they want to choose.

Economically Advantageous

Vocational training is easy on the pockets. The fees are much lower compared to the traditional learning system. But on the other hand, it lays out a myriad of employment opportunities for students at an early age backed with experience and knowledge.

Assists in networking

Children during the training get to participate in on-site work that helps them get out of their shells and hone their communication skills. As a result, they will be less anxious when they enter the real job world. Besides, it also helps network with like-minded professors and students.

Adds value to learning

Pursuing training in a particular vocation is an added USP. Imagine being a fresher backed with experience and work samples to prove your eligibility. Isn't that exciting?

Final Takeaway

Education is beyond numbers, ranks, and grades. It is a powerful weapon that molds and shapes us to create a better future. Thus, it is time to break stigmas and think beyond the traditional educational system that concentrates more on theory and rote learning. Instead, it is time to liberate children and let them explore what is best for them.

It is time we recognize the importance of vocational education and let the bright futures of tomorrow, the rising youth of the country, know their talent early on. That is possible only with vocational education that can bring transition in the education system, assisting children in pursuing their dream careers and making themselves job ready from a young age.

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