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Launch NEP-Compliant Courses with Teachsmart

On average, students spend 8-10 hours in schools; making it essential to provide them with a comforting and interactive environment. Improved classroom collaboration not only makes them more inclined toward studies but also helps in improving their interpersonal skills. A smart classroom enhances the learning experience of students; thus, helping them pay more attention to their studies. In return, it improves their academic performance and helps them move closer to their career goals.

Hence, an interactive classroom impacts the learning outcomes of students. It keeps students motivated and engaged throughout their learning process. Therefore, as a school leader, you should focus on leveraging the power of a smart classroom to change the learning curve of your students. Good quality internet connection, a smart board for classroom, and a microphone are a few tools that can convert a traditional classroom into a smart learning center.

Why are Co-Curricular Courses Important for Students?

Co-curricular courses help students explore their fields of interest. It also improves classroom engagement and turns a dull learning space into an interactive classroom. Below are a few benefits offered by extracurricular courses.

Cultivates life skills

Co-curricular courses help students expand their horizons. It improves their intellect and helps them cultivate life skills. Life skills include the ability to manage multiple aspects of our lives-finance, mental and physical health, academic performance etc. Moreover, cultivating life skills help students develop their values and views.

Improves contemporary industry knowledge

Learning extracurricular courses with peers improves the learning pace and gives the opportunity to imbibe new concepts. In addition, it helps in the development of higher-order thinking skills.

Makes education future-proof

Attending co-curricular courses in an interactive and smart classroom helps students explore their true potential. Teachsmart, Teachmint’s proprietary designed classroom, helps learners foster creativity, critical and logical thinking while giving them the opportunity to explore skill-based courses. It helps them explore 21st-century skills and makes them a pioneer in learning.

When students are provided with a conducive learning environment, they focus more on their studies and understand concepts better. Teachsmart provides a seamless learning experience and is compatible with all formats of learning: remote, collaborative, and teacher-led.

The Need for Learning 21st-Century Skills

The 21st century has brought many changes in the education sector. It gives a chance to explore endless opportunities and promotes healthy competition. To survive in such a competitive environment, students need 21st-century skills. Learning these skills help them succeed in this rapidly changing world. The skill-based courses prepare them for a better tomorrow.

NEP 2020 also recommends schools expand the goals of education and help students maximize their true potential. It pays attention to the development of 21st-century skills in students. The policy plans to identify specific skills and values across domains and integrate them into every learning stage of students, starting from preschool to higher education.

Schools play an important role in enhancing the skills and abilities of students and helping them prepare better for tomorrow. You can help your pupils learn better and explore a range of skill-based courses with Teachsmart.

With Teachsmart, you can unlock the true potential of your students with global standard courses and teachers that help them unravel their interests and make them more attentive to the learning process. It comes with a variety of courses starting from Standard 1 to 12. The digital smart classroom also helps students explore a range of NEP-compliant courses including:

  • Coding
  • Financial Literacy
  • Robotics
  • Artificial intelligence

Help your students learn in an interactive digital smart classroom with global standard teachers with Teachsmart.

How Teachsmart Helps You Upgrade Your Classroom?

You can upgrade your classroom with the latest infrastructure and global courses with Teachsmart. You can change the learning experience for your students with advanced applications, integrated LMS, and a live class platform. The benefits of launching a smart classroom with 21st-century skill-based courses help you:

  • Become NEP 2020 compliant
  • Gain subject matter expertise
  • Offer experiential learning
  • Develop skill-based curriculum

Creating an interactive learning space for students is easy with Teachsmart. All you need is an interactive panel or a smart board for classroom, a microphone for students, cameras for teachers, and good-quality internet. You can create a holistic learning environment and create value in your students’ lives by offering them outcome-based projects, certificates on course completion, hybrid interactive courses, and helping them learn with best-in-class STEM teachers.

In this new era, every school is trying to provide the best possible education with the latest classroom infrastructure, NEP-compliant global courses, and by including advanced ed-tech tools in the learning space. You can also create an innovative learning center with global standard teachers and skill-based courses with Teachsmart. Allow your students to explore a range of courses, gain expertise, and unlock their true potential!

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