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How to Celebrate International Youth Day in School


The upcoming International Youth Day will be a great day to celebrate in schools. In order to ensure that students are aware of the significance of International Youth Day, there are many options to celebrate the day in the school. If you are wondering how to celebrate it in your school involving all your students, we have got you covered. Before we begin, let’s take a look at what international youth day is all about.

Significance of International Youth Day

In 1999, the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth presented a proposal for a youth day and that was approved by the UN. Hence, the first International Youth Day was celebrated during the summer of 2000. Every year on August 12, people worldwide celebrate International Youth Day. It is celebrated to spread awareness about the problems that are faced by young people in our country. It also aims to educate young people about how they can bring about changes in society.

The youth are the change makers, and they are the ones who can build a better society and a better future for everyone. Thus, it is imperative that the students learn about the role of youths and how they can strive to make the world a better place.

International Youth Day Activities for Students

Listed below are some activities that can be organized in schools to celebrate International Youth Day and to spread awareness about its significance.


Exhibitions are a great way to unleash the creativity of students. Since the exhibition has to be revolved around youth day, you can encourage your students to contribute creative works that discuss or depict the problems that young people in the world are facing. The exhibition can open to student submissions of their artwork, including paintings, drawings, crafts, etc. The best works can be honored and rewarded in the exhibition in order to inspire students to take part in similar activities in the future.

Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars are helpful to spread awareness about the issues of the youths. You can invite eminent young personalities to motivate students to make a difference in our society. They will instill in the pupils a sense of responsibility and a desire to work toward making positive changes in society when they share their experiences with the students. These events can educate students about the importance of the occasion as well as the duties that young people have to society.

Community Services

Community services help to build an empathetic attitude in students towards their fellow human beings. With the help of community services, students get the opportunity to learn about the problems faced by the youths in our society as well as learn how they can contribute to the development of society.  In addition, the students will learn in a real-world setting, which will help them discover their interests and passions. Depending on their interests, they may be able to pursue a career in that area. In addition to this, community services will help in the development of the soft skills of students.

Educating Students about Youth Icons

Students ought to learn about youth icons who have paved the way for the growth of the society we live in. In this way, these youth icons would become their role models and follow their path or make a path of their own. Their inspiring stories can light up a goal in their minds. It inspires them to strive for their own growth and development.

You may conduct various activities for educating them. For instance, quiz competitions. In the quiz competition, you may prepare questions about the youth icons, and this will encourage them to do their own research about the youth icons and it can be an enlightening experience for them.

Environment-Friendly Activities

Every person has a responsibility to live a sustainable life because they are a part of the environment, we live in. Students learn the value of living an environmentally responsible lifestyle through engaging in activities like planting trees and avoiding the use of plastic products. These activities can help them understand why it is so necessary to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Students need to understand that by living sustainably, they are paving the way for a greener future.

Film Screening

This is another activity that students would enjoy and therefore, movies can be used as a medium for the students to understand the importance of International Youth Day. You can screen movies that discuss the issues that young people are facing. You can carefully choose a movie that the students will enjoy as well as learn a lot from.

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Students should recognize the significance of occasions like International Youth Day. They would learn lessons from these extracurricular occasions and celebrations that textbooks do not cover. Students should learn about the world around them as they grow up in order to become well-informed adults. You may organize the activities mentioned above for celebrating this special occasion of International Youth Day.

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