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What is the Difference between Seminar and Webinar?


The popularity of seminars and webinars has increased recently. Following the advancements in technology, webinars have begun to overtake seminars since they allow the discussion of a variety of issues in a much safer setting while limiting in-person interaction. Let's take a closer look at what a seminar and a webinar are before we examine the difference between webinar and seminar.

What is Seminar?

Seminar can be a discussion on a particular topic that is usually held in an educational setting or a business setting. The number of people participating in a seminar will be small so as to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the discussion. Seminars in educational institutions will cover subjects that are relevant to the students' curricula or topics that deepen their understanding of a subject that is covered in their curriculum.

What is Webinar?

Webinar is a seminar that is conducted online. It ensures the participation of a lot of people as people will have easier access to webinars than seminars. People use online tools in order to organize successful webinars.

In both seminars and webinars, like-minded people interact with each other to share their thought, views, and opinions on a particular topic. It widens the horizon of the participants in that topic and improves their critical thinking skills. Moreover, the attendees get the chance to interact with industry experts and also renowned personalities who have expertise in that specific field.

Now let’s dive deeper into the difference between seminar and webinar.

Difference between Seminar and Webinar



  • Number of participants will be limited.

  • Expenses are high.

  • Participants have to spend so much money to travel to the venue.

  • Scope for interaction between participants is high.

  • Team-building activities can be conducted easily.

  • The organizers have to put in so much effort to conduct a seminar. 

  • Number of participants will be relatively high.

  • Webinars are cost-effective.

  • Can attend from any part of the world without spending a penny.

  • Scope for interaction between participants is low.

  • It is difficult to conduct team-building activities.

  • Comparatively, webinars are easier to organize. 

Role of Seminars and Webinars in Education

Webinars and seminars can encourage fruitful discussion on a subject that interests students. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about those topics. Students also get to interact with famous people and listen to their thought-provoking lectures. Students may become interested in that subject as a result, and they may be motivated to conduct in-depth research on it. Additionally, it has the potential to motivate pupils to the point where they begin pursuing a career based on the lecture.

Discussions like these enable students to connect with industry experts and expand their network. This might be useful for them in their future endeavors as these connections can help them to land the jobs of their dreams. Also, as they get more information about the topics, they can do more research on them.

Another important factor why seminars and webinars are important in education is because they can help students in building their critical thinking skills. In discussions like these, students are given opportunities to present their views and ideas on the topic. Students will do their own research to submit their research papers and will be presenting it before the crowd. It is not an easy task to talk about a topic in front of a crowd. Hence, this helps them to combat stage fright and also improve their public speaking skills. Public speaking skill is something that every person ought to master. People can develop their public speaking skills through such programs, which will be helpful to them in the future.

When someone presents a paper in front of the audience, they will also have to answer questions from the audience. They ought to be prepared to respond to the participants' queries. As a result, the presenter is able to examine several viewpoints on a single subject and uncover new areas of the subject for future research. For students, it is creating a vast array of opportunities.

Is Seminar or Webinar Better?

There is a dispute over which is better for students: seminars or webinars. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Seminar has been a traditional way of conducting discussion and a lot of people’s efforts go in for organizing a webinar. In comparison to a webinar, it costs more and consumes more resources. Webinar can be organized in a short span of time as the participants and guests will be taking part in them via online mediums. It provides a huge scope for the organizers to involve international guests and eminent speakers in the programme. Additionally, they can promote the webinar using online media, which can reach a wider audience and accommodate a sizable audience of different cultural and geographic backgrounds.

Seminars provide opportunities for in-person encounters that are not feasible through webinars. Since the exchanges are taking place amongst people who share similar interests, a strong bond may develop between the members. An online seminar has some limitations even though there is the potential for participant interaction. We cannot come to a conclusion that one is better than the other as both have their benefits and shortcomings.


Briefly put, seminars and webinars are excellent ways to communicate and promote healthy conversation on pertinent issues. They can also lead to broadening the perspectives of participants and thereby advancing their knowledge and intellectual prowess.

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Written by Athira VS

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