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Building A Better Learning Experience with Teachmint

“It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom.”

Satyam Kumar from Apical classes has been making a difference since 2014. He has elevated people’s lives, strengthened communities, inspired a passion for different subjects, and enabled students to attain what they thought was unattainable.

He is one of those teachers who believe in knowledge beyond textbooks and is passionate about the job that he does. When the pandemic struck and the education landscape changed, he was clueless. He knew that he had to reach his students and keep the classes going but was not sure how.

There were a lot of challenges in front of him. The uncertainty of the situation just added to the list. Initially, he used Whatsapp to share videos with students. It was tiresome and took a lot of time. The size of the videos were an issue. A lot of students didn’t receive the videos and the continuity and lack of interaction was a huge issue.

Then he tried YouTube. But again, the interaction was an issue and feedback was a problem. There was no way to know whether the students understood the concept or not. He had to use multiple apps and this took up a lot of time. Students complained about losing videos and it was just not working out.

Satyam Sir was not ready to settle for anything but the best. He tried using a couple of other online teaching app but they were either too complex or charged a heavy price. Some of them were not up to the mark and did not do justice to the promises that were made. That’s when he came across Teachmint.

“There is a misconception that online classes are not interactive. You can make it interesting and interactive with the right online teaching app. That’s what Teachmint is: the perfect online teaching app.”

Results After Using Teachmint

“I have tried a lot of online teaching app and nothing even compares to Teachmint.”

1.Two-Way Interaction

Satyam Sir believes that the teaching-learning process is complete only when there is two-way communication. Teachmint, with its live chat features and one-click, go live has helped him to conduct classes seamlessly and effectively.

2.Increased Reach

With offline classes, his reach was limited to Bhopal. By shifting his classes online, he was able to reach a lot more students. Apical classes now have students from various districts and states in the country. This was possible because of the zero restriction on the number of students that can be enrolled in a classroom and the effectiveness of Teachmint.

3.One-Stop Management

Satyam Sir says that one of the best things about Teachmint is that he does not have to juggle between multiple apps. All the necessary features that a teacher would require while conducting online classes are available in Teachmint.

4.Easy Fee Management

Keeping a track of students who have paid and those who haven’t is a time consuming process. Satyam Sir has been able to manage the fees and keep a track of students with ease using Teachmint.

“ I highly recommend teachers to start using Teachmint. You will see how easy and convenient it is and the quality of the app will make you a loyal user.”

Our users have been handholding us while we work towards achieving our dream of democratizing online education. Teachers like Satyam Kumar are an inspiration and the reason for our success.

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