Making Mathematics Easy With The Help Of Teachmint!

Making Mathematics Easy With The Help Of Teachmint!

  • Simran Rastogi
    Simran Rastogi

Nirmal Kumar, who hails from Rewari, Haryana, is a highly qualified and talented teacher. His first love is mathematics and hence he decided to make mathematics easier for the students. Nirmal sir decided to become a teacher and completed his graduation in Mathematics from MD University. To sharpen his skills as a teacher, he also pursued B.Ed. Nirmal sir started teaching at a very young age, he was just nineteen years old when he took his first mathematics class. He started teaching online four years back through a youtube channel called ‘Ganit Gyan’. Now it has been more than eight years since he has been contributing as a teacher.

Nirmal Sir started teaching on youtube and later, he realized that his teaching was not being efficient due to the many limitations that youtube had. He then tried his luck on zoom but that didn’t work either. His journey with many such non-teaching applications did not last for more than two days as they were not suitable for teaching. While searching for a good online teaching app, specially designed for teachers, he came across Teachmint. The rest is history and here is what he has to say about his journey with Teachmint-

“Installing Teachmint is the best decision I have taken so far, the application is not only designed for teachers, in fact, it puts extra effort each day to prove itself as the best online teaching platform. The best part about conducting classes on Teachmint is that teachers can create an actual classroom setup, where they know the number of present and absent students. With Teachmint, sharing the class link, recording attendance, sharing study material, sending notifications of changed class timings, etc., is not an issue. No external party can enter my classroom without my permission. Other applications and platforms that I used, were designed for corporate meetings and not online teaching. I find Teachmint the perfect app for all online teachers.”

When asked about his favorite feature, his answer was heartwarming-

“No feature of Teachmint can be termed as less useful, as each feature is a diamond in itself. But since Teachmint has made online studies easier for my students through the introduction of live class recording and live polls feature, I would give my vote to these two features. My students now interact with me as and when they want.”

He believes that being a doctor or a teacher are the two noblest professions in the world. Nirmal sir also calls himself his students’ doctor. Just how patients seek help from the doctor in case of distress or unease, students can also seek help from their teachers whenever needed. He compares the lessons/scoldings of a teacher to the medicines given by a doctor as both of them are not very lovely, but beneficial in the long run.

Nirmal sir believes that each teacher should try their best to bring out the best of the sharp-minded students, but they should put extra effort into helping the slow learners. They are the ones who actually need help and guidance to do good in life.
He also thanked Teachmint for providing teachers a platform to reach a larger group of learners and help them in the best way possible. He says that online teaching has given teachers the opportunity to become celebrities for their students. He also said that he would forever be grateful to Teachmint for changing his life.

“ I wish Teachmint to reach greater heights and accomplish all the success in the world. They not only acknowledge but also appreciate the efforts of the teachers connected with them. The platform is a blessing for all the teachers and students, I hope and wish for a life-long association with the Teachmint family”.

We wish Nirmal sir all the best for his future!