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The Benefits of Music & the Best Online Music Classes

Transcending boundaries, languages, and cultures, music makes its way through people effortlessly.

A rainy day, a cup of steaming hot coffee, and some soothing music is an emotion in itself. It is rightly said that music is the literature of the heart, it commences where speech ends. The advantage of music is manifold. Apart from being pleasing to the ears and setting the mood right, music also plays a pivotal role in improving one’s overall health. Music is hardwired into the human mind, and it is hard to imagine a world without music.  Research suggests that music can benefit physical and mental health in numerous ways. Music therapy is a well-known concept and is used to enhance the results of conventional treatment methods.

benefits of music

The world has changed, music has evolved and there are countless genres, and no matter what genre you’re interested in, there’s a space online to learn and know more about the same.

First, let us understand the advantages of learning music:

  1. Helps Develop Language and Reasoning Ability

Music training helps to illuminate the part of the brain related to language and reasoning. Research shows that people learning music develops their language and reasoning skills at a faster pace than those who don’t. Music helps retain information and words. The rhythm and the patterns of music help with memory and retention. It is advisable to expose children to music at a young age but always remember that it’s never too late to learn.

2. Increased Coordination

Another important advantage of music is that it helps improve concentration and coordination. Musical instruments help with hand-eye coordination and also helps the learner improve their concentration. There’s no age bar to learning music, anyone can learn it whenever they want. The availability of online music classes adds to the ease of access.

3. Helps Reduce Stress

A lot of people resort to listening to their favorite song when they are stressed. This underlines the effect that music can have on people. Learning music will help relieve tension and stress. It increases engagement and thus takes one’s mind off of whatever is bothering them. It goes without saying that music is relaxing.

4. Creative Thinking Skills

Since music has a direct effect on the left side of the brain, it helps improve the creative ability of people. Listening to music, learning music, playing musical instruments, all have a positive effect on the human brain and improves creative skills. It also helps improve the inquisitiveness of people.

5. Elevates the Mood

More often than not, when you listen to your favorite song, everything just feels right and there’s a scientific explanation for this. Music helps release dopamine, which is known as the happy hormone and this, in turn, helps in keeping both the mind and body healthy.

Since learning music demands a routine and rhythm, it helps to improve self-discipline, and let’s not forget how much fun learning music is. It has an effect on confidence, thinking ability, and creativity.

You can learn anything as long as you have the will to learn. With technology reaching the point where we carry the world in our pockets, the days of having to drive to a music studio, school, or store to take music lessons are over. Music classes and courses are just a click away and the advantages of online music classes are plenty. Let us take a look at a few of the perks of online music classes and the offerings that it brings to the table;

Advantages of Online Music Classes

1. Flexibility and Convenience

The convenience that online classes bring to the table is commendable. When there’s no clock attached to the music classes, individuals can attend it in their own time. People might be working, studying, or engaged in other activities, and being able to take classes online when they have the time is one of the biggest benefits of online music classes. There are countless online music classes available and they can be asynchronous or synchronous. Based on one’s convenience and time, they can attend classes accordingly. In addition to this, the individual can listen to the classes whenever they want and learn at their own pace.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Music classes can be a little heavy on the pockets. Online classes, however, helps learners save time and money. For starters, they don’t have to travel. They can attend the classes from the comfort of their home and since there’s no travel time, the learner saves time as well! In comparison to regular music classes, online classes are less expensive.

3. Comfortability

A familiar setting has proven to do more good than an unknown one. Since online music classes provide the learner with the flexibility to attend classes from anywhere they want, they can create a space where they can relax and choose a posture that they want and likewise. There’s no pressure to get ready, grab your coat and reach the classes. The classes are right before you and the only thing that you have to do is to be present.

4. Accessibility

Since the learner is not restricted by geography or location, they have access to quality teachers and can choose from the courses that they want. The options are endless and according to the taste and need of the learner, they can choose their music classes. This accessibility that the learners have is a huge advantage that we owe to the technology and online teaching platforms that facilitate seamless learning and teaching.

5. Better Learning Experience

The learner can take their own time to warm up and prepare before the online music lessons. They can also try and practice what they have learned and connect with their teachers to understand concepts better.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are other advantages like you can record the online classes, listening to the lessons over and over, and making yourself better. This is something that the traditional classes cannot offer. You can also track your improvement and learning curve easily with online classes.

You don’t need a reason to learn music. Music is life itself and words are not enough to describe the effect that music has on people.

Online Music Classes

If you are looking for some amazing online music classes that are sure to help you, here are some recommendations:

Shruthi Sangeethalay

Shri Rohit Kr Tiwary teaches Hindustani music and is an excellent one at that. He is from Bilaspur and has been teaching for a long while now. His online music classes are well received.

Nutan Vidyalaya

Sachidanand Dakhore is an excellent music teacher and handles both semi classical and classical music lessons. With more than a decade of experience, he is a musical maestro!

Swarsargam Music Academy

Mahesh Singh has done 'Prabhakar' in Indian Classical music Vocal from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad and has an experience of more than 5 years. His teaching style is unique and effective.

Online Guitar Classes

Divyansh Kohli is a rhythm guitarist with more than fifteen years if experience and is a tutor par excellence. His online music videos are engaging and interesting.

Prince Garg Art School

It is a one stop solution. They provide classes in acting, music and dance. With highly skilled trainers for vocal, guitar and more, it is the best online classes.

Allegro Music Institute

Prakash Sir has more than seven years of experience and is trained in various musical instruments. A perfect stop to learn music.


A talented and well qualified teacher, Shri Dilip Kumar Yadav runs this institute. He has qualified UGC net and also has a doctorate. An excellent musician and a teacher par excellence without a doubt.

It is never too late to learn. If you are a music lover, go ahead and enroll yourself in any online music class and let the music unfold!!

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