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How to Make Your Online Classes Interesting

More often than not, people think that the absence of a physical classroom, teacher, and students can make the teaching-learning process slow and monotonous, further making online live sessions not so interesting for the learners. But don’t you worry, we have listed out a few steps that you should follow while taking online classes session.

Tips to Make Your Online Class Interesting

1. Organize Regular Sessions

Consistency at your end will promote your learners to participate and put in effort to learn more. Holding regular sessions will make your students understand the initiative you take to teach them, in return making them learn more as a way of showing gratitude towards your hard work. These regular sessions will also ensure a flow in your teaching and keep your students in a routine to be a part of these sessions.

2. Initiate Debates, Quizzes, or Discussions

Allow your participants to talk about their opinion about the topic being taught in the session. Ask your students to prepare for every class and then promote them to actively participate in the class. Make sure you involve as many people as possible in these activities so that the majority of them come prepared and compete to understand things better. These regular discussion and debate sessions will automatically prompt your learners to study harder and understand a concept well to increase their due participation in the session.

3. Situations and Examples

Every individual is believed to learn better and faster when they are made to relate a topic to their current life scenario, hence you should also use the present social structure to impart knowledge effectively. While relating a topic to a real-life incident, let your students share their experiences as well. This will help them remember concepts better.

4. Allow Your Students to Explain a Topic on Your Behalf

At times all a child requires is a little bit of push to overcome their fears. After explaining a topic, you can ask your students to pick a topic and explain it to their batchmates in the next session. This will not only increase their knowledge of the subject but it can be taken as an activity to boost students’ confidence. This will help them in overcoming their fear of public speaking or stage fright while learning their topics to the fullest.

5. Make Sure Your Session is Inclusive

Inclusivity in any session plays a vital role as it provides everyone with a safe space to talk and be a part of. It becomes important to be considerate and inclusive to get maximum participation and make the course understandable to all globally. While taking sessions try not to use binary terms or derogatory terms that may hurt an individual or a community's sentiments. Now that you are having an online session, this particular aspect needs to be taken into more careful consideration than before as it provides a space to record and share.

6. Use Creative Tools to Teach

Now that you have access to digital data and the internet, try to use as many modes as possible to teach. Use presentations, video clips, pictures, and films to make your students learn their concepts better and more efficiently. These visuals will help them retain the know-how of a topic for a longer period with much more ease.

7. Host Regular Doubt Sessions

It is important to clarify what has been tight so far before you go on to the next topic. It is important to hold Live Doubt Sessions where students can be provided with open space and time to ask anything that is not clear to them in relevance to your subject. While hearing others' doubts and explanations, other students who have learned the topic can get a quick revision of what has been taught so far. It will also help students to jot down the points which they might have missed during the previous sessions.

8. Take Regular Feedback

Now that you know how to engage maximum strength during the session, you should further focus on keeping that interest and making sure everyone is comfortable with your style of teaching. This is when the role of Feedback comes into play. Feedback helps you understand the needs of your students and provides you with insight into what and how you can improve the productivity of your session. This feedback also helps you understand how much your students have grabbed and what changes are required to decrease their problems.

9. Remember to Relax

When taking live sessions, it is important that you stay calm and composed. By keeping yourself calm you will be able to impart knowledge without many hassles and you will also gain the strength to tackle all the problems raised by your students with much more ease. If you yourself are in a good mood, there is a huge possibility of your students reciprocating the same, ultimately making the overall aura of the session pleasant.

10. Interval and Recess

One of the things that are overlooked when it comes to online classes is breaks and intervals. You need to identify a time for giving the students a break and they should be able to breathe. While online classes are comfortable, they are also strenuous, and teachers must keep this in mind.

Online teaching is not rocket science, it is all about understanding the needs of your students and providing them with an experience that helps them understand their course in the best possible way. If you follow the above-mentioned session, you will be good to go and organize the most interesting sessions.
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