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How to Prepare for Online Exams

It is heartwarming to see students achieve good marks in various exams. The hard work, smart work, and efforts of the children need to be acknowledged. In the difficult times when the students couldn't continue with their coaching at the coaching centers, online education came to the rescue and saved them all with the best apps for online teaching.

Many teachers who were not even familiar with the concept of online teaching took the initiative of helping their students out in difficult times. They not only imparted knowledge to students but also made sure to keep their morale up while teaching online.

Online exams have become a part of our lives and here are some tips to help you prepare for online exams. An online exam is also called E- exam and it is a great way of conducting tests and other important exams with help of the internet. Considering the fact that online exams are significantly different from traditional exams, how do you prepare for the same? Let’s dive into the topic.

Research the Syllabus and Subject

You cannot win a war without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the other party and preparing yourself accordingly. In the same way, to achieve good grades in your subjects, you primarily need to have a good understanding of the subjects and the syllabus. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject can help you well as it will guide you to prepare accordingly. The internet is a deep ocean of knowledge and has the answer to almost all the questions you may have. So, make wonderful use of the technology and get to know everything about your subject on a tap.

Divide the Syllabus

The second most important step after understanding your subjects well is to divide the subjects keeping in mind their weightage in your exam and your pace of learning those subjects. For example- if person 'A' has 6 subjects to complete by December and he starts in July and the most difficult subject for them is mathematics and logical reasoning, what they can do is continue practicing mathematics and reasoning for all six months whereas they can allot 1.5 months each to the rest of the subjects. This will help them to prioritize the subjects they find difficult, without compromising with the other subjects.

Finding the Right Mentor

One child, one teacher, one pen, or one book can change the world. There is no doubt in the fact that one good teacher or mentor or guide can change a student's entire life as a teacher not only imparts knowledge to the students but also helps them understand the difference between right and wrong when it comes to small or big choices in life. If you're wondering about where to find a good mentor in such difficult times, do not worry, we got your back. There is a solution to every problem and the best way to find your mentor is by downloading the best teaching apps on your phone and connecting to amazing teachers who teach online. A good mentor with valuable experience and knowledge about the subject may guide you in achieving your goals easily. All you need to do is invest your trust and faith in them and follow their guidelines with full dedication and hard work.

  • Understanding the Pattern of the Exam

As mentioned above, online exams are different from traditional exams. Sometimes, you won’t be able to go back to a question and certain other online exams will not let you change the options that you chose and likewise. Make sure to read and understand the guidelines and rules that have been specified for the online exams carefully. The time limit, the pattern, and likewise will differ from exam to exam. Ensure to get familiar with all the aspects of the online exam that you are attending.


'A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. We cannot ignore the fact that health is wealth and all the struggle and hard work we do in life is for wealth but on the way, we forget to take care of our health. And in the end, we realize that taking our health for granted isn't the best way to be happy in life. Here's what we can do- we can try to maintain a balance between our wellness and duties. We can prepare a good schedule and dedicate at least an hour to our health. This one hour includes light physical movements and meditation, and we can study throughout the day without even worrying about our health. These physical activities will also help you perform better with focus and concentration in your studies.

Now you have no more reasons for compromising your studies, tighten your seat belts up and keep riding on the road of knowledge, online education got your back. All the best!

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