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National Level Competitive Exams for Students

Have you ever wondered who invented the concept of examination and competition among students? Let us provide you with an answer. It was a Roman teacher, Marcus Verrius Flaccus, who used competition among students as an educational aid. With time, educational practices have changed across the globe. Different cultures follow different techniques to provide the best learning experience to their students. There is no denying that education is a source of inspiration and lays the foundation for a knowledge-driven society. However, the roots of education lie in competition, and competitive exams are one of the ways through which students can get into the best institutions.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the major competitive exams for school students. Let us have a look at them.

National Talent Search Examination or NTSE

NTSE is one of the most recognized competitive exams that identify students having exceptional intellectual abilities. The program encourages students to follow a career path in research and technology. The NTSE exam is conducted for class 10 students and candidates appearing for this examination have to clear two sections to get the scholarship. The National Talent Search Examination consists of two sections: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Moreover, the exam is conducted in two stages-a state-level examination and a national-level test. The stage-1 exam is conducted by all union territories and states. Once candidates have qualified for the stage-1 exam, they are eligible to appear for the national-level test. The exam consists of 100 questions in both sections and needs to be finished in 120 minutes.

National Level Science Talent Search Exam

This exam is conducted for the students of classes 2-12. NSTSE tests the analytical skills of students and consists of questions that measure their out-of-the-box thinking skills. Moreover, the exam results also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of students. The NSTSE exam is developed after considering the syllabus of different state education boards. The exam focuses on improvement instead of checking the memory power of students. Students appearing for the NSTSE exam must hone their mathematical and scientific skills to perform better in this assessment test.

Indian National Olympiad

The Indian National Olympiad is financially supported by the Government of India. This exam is held in the following five stages.

  1. National Standard Examination
  2. Indian National Olympiad
  3. Orientation cum Selection Camp
  4. Pre-departure Training Camp
  5. Participation in Training Camp

The exam covers the syllabus from subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, and junior science. The first stage of this one of the most prestigious competitive exams is held by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers and the rest stages are conducted by HBCSE. The exam is organized with the motive of bringing intellectual kids together on a common platform through healthy competition. Students of secondary and higher secondary classes can participate in the Indian National Olympiad (INO).

Science Olympiad Foundation

The Science Olympiad Foundation is a non-profit organization formed with equal efforts of academicians, scientists, and media personalities. It conducts exams for students in classes 1 to 12. The organizing body asks questions about subjects like Mathematics, English, Computer, and Science. Students willing to participate in exams conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation can refer to the NCERT books for guidance.


Geography is one of the subjects that makes us aware of the topography around us. GeoGenius conducts a geography examination every year for the students of classes 2 to 12. This exam is held with the motive of enhancing students’ interest in geography. It is a three-level examination that offers an opportunity for Indian students to qualify for the International Geography Olympiad. However, to participate in this exam, students must be aged between 16-19 years.

National Interactive Math Olympiad

NIMO is an olympiad designed for the students of classes 5 to 12. The questions check the mathematical skills and mental ability of students appearing for this test. The organizing body, Eduheal Foundation, aims to make students enjoy solving mathematical problems. Moreover, this body also organizes workshops and seminars to eliminate the fear of math from students’ minds. It is one of the most popular competitive exams in India.

National Biotechnology Olympiad

The National Biotechnology Olympiad is open to all students willing to raise their awareness of this subject. Students from classes 1 to 12 can participate in this competition. They need to solve 50 questions of 1 mark each to qualify for the exam.

ASSET or Assessment of Scholastic Skills Through Educational Testing

ASSET is a skill-based assessment test that differs from traditional examinations. It measures how well students have understood the concepts taught in the classroom. Students studying in classes 3 to 10 are eligible to participate in this skill assessment examination.

International Olympiad of English Language

This olympiad examination checks the proficiency in the English language and can be attempted by students of classes 1st to 12th. The exam is held at the national and international levels and covers the syllabus of CBSE, ICSE, and the state boards.

The International Mathematics Olympiad

This exam is organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation for students in the classes 1st to 12th. It is a scholarship examination that aims to identify and promote mathematical abilities in students. The exam is conducted in different stages; however, the first-stage exam is conducted at a school level. Later, students can appear for city, state, national, and international level exams.

International Social Studies Olympiad

International Social Studies Olympiad is one of the most celebrated competitive exams worldwide. This exam acknowledges students’ proficiency and interest in History, Geography, and Civics. To pass this exam with flying colors, students can prepare from the textbooks prescribed by CBSE, ICSE, and state education boards.

The national-level competitive exams check the mental ability of students. These exams are designed to see if students have understood the concept taught in the classrooms. Moreover, the test also checks their out-of-the-box thinking skills.

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