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NEP 2020 - A Path-Breaking Shift From Rote Learning

It is the era of new beginnings and innovations in the realm of education. As new innovations are stepping in, the education sector is leaving behind all the ineffective and inefficient methodologies of teaching and learning. As a result, a shift from rote learning methodologies is of prime importance.

What is Rote Learning

When we discuss the transition from rote learning to hands-on learning, it is essential to understand what is rote learning. So let us look at rote learning in detail.

The process of memorizing concepts by repetition is known as rote learning. It has been one of the key practices by which students learn new learning concepts. There are multiple reasons why NEP 2020 is emphasizing the shift from the rote learning pattern. Let us look into what those reasons are.

Why Shift from Rote Learning?

No Room for Creative Discussion

When we prioritize memorization of information over conceptual understanding, we are restricting the scope for healthy-creative discussions. The learning ought to be a two-way process in which students actively participate.  Students will be able to exhibit their innovative ideas when they are encouraged to speak up about their perspectives.

Moreover, these exercises are a great way to improve their critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is a crucial soft skill that will enable your kids to succeed in all of their endeavors over the course of their lives.

Little Scope for Practical Application

The foundation of learning is conceptual understanding. The development of conceptual understanding is not aided by rote memory. Students cannot use the ideas in real-world settings unless and until they fully grasp them. They have to engage in meaningful learning to make the practical application to be possible.

A hands-on learning approach would enable students to learn by doing. Moreover, it seeks active participation from the students. Hence, the learning concepts get etched in the minds of students.

Memorization is Given Top Priority

In a rote learning environment, the regurgitation of facts is given prime importance. The biggest drawback of this is, once students finish their exams, they tend to forget everything they learn. This is where considering students’ score in exams as a yardstick to gauge the intelligence of students become the problem.

Studies have proven that a student’s score has nothing to do with his/her intelligence. Hence, education ought to be more about the holistic development of students rather than their scores in exams. This concern has been addressed by NEP 2020, which is trying to make changes in these ineffective strategies.

How NEP 2020 is Making a Difference

The new education policy is bringing in a number of changes to improve the quality of education. The shortcomings of rote learning are being addressed and also it is moving towards a much more comprehensive approach to education.

Conceptual Understanding is Prioritized

  • Better understanding leads to better student outcomes.
  • Effective teaching methodologies are adopted to ensure conceptual understanding.
  • Hands-on learning aids students in better learning outcomes.

Digital content like videos makes it easier for students to understand the learning concepts better. Teachmint has the best digital content that aids teachers in their lectures to make it easier for students to comprehend the concepts. Learn more about the offering by visiting our website.

Holistic Education is Adopted

  • In this way, students' unique capabilities will be nurtured.
  • Academic and non-academic endeavors are given equal importance.
  • It aids in broadening the horizons of students which opens the door opportunities to for them.
  • It moves away from the one-size-fits all approach and makes personalized learning possible.

Examinations are Remodelled

  • Students are tested based on their competencies and capabilities rather than memorization power.
  • Their performance in both curricular and co-curricular activities is reflected in their progress reports.
  • It will no longer be based on the memorization of concepts and will be more about competency-based questions.

Emphasis on Skill Development

  • National Education Policy 2020 recognizes the importance of skill development in making students employable.
  • It accentuates the importance of building 21st century skills among students.
  • NEP emphasizes the importance of soft skills development in students.

New Pedagogical Methodologies are Encouraged

  • Teachers are encouraged to incorporate innovative pedagogical approaches to improve student outcomes.
  • Better pedagogical strategies would ensure conceptual understanding among students.
  • They should also focus on the socio-emotional development of students.

Along with upskilling students, it is also important that the students are updated about the new developments and teaching methodologies. Hence, it is important that the school organize time-to-time training programs to improve the skills of the teachers.
Teachmint’s collaboration with OrangeSlates makes it possible for the schools to conduct effective teacher training programs for the teachers. It not only helps them to refine their skills but also aids them in their professional development. Read this article to learn more about Teachmint’s Collaboration with OrangeSlates.

Written by Athira VS

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