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Online Classes During the Lockdown in India

The onset of the global pandemic brought in many changes. There was a sudden growth in the number of people taking online classes. The lockdown in the country catalyzed the growth of online education and online classes. Online classes during the lockdown in India was a little hard for teachers at first. The main reason was the lack of knowledge in that particular area of teaching and also a lot of teachers did not have access to the technology required for online education. There are a lot of advantages to online teaching and online learning. Let us look at some of the advantages that online learning has over traditional learning and how the online classes during the lockdown in India have shaped the future of education.

Online learning has become mainstream now. Teachers and students across the country have opted for online education. Though people thought that online education was momentary and a temporary solution, brilliant Edtech platforms have made it possible to see online education as a permanent solution to a never-ending problem. Online classes during the lockdown in India was a little confusing at first, but with time, teachers and students started making the most out of online classes.

Let us take a look at the advanrages of online classes and how it has shaped the future of education.

1.The flexibility to choose

It goes without saying that online classes bring flexibility into the picture and it is commendable. Both for teachers and students, online classes have been a boon. For students,  there is a wide variety of courses to choose from. One of the major advantages of online education is that it gives students access to specialized degree courses and classes that may not be available in their local educational institutions. This is what makes online classes significantly different from conventional classes.

Another edge that online classes have is that the teachers can share the study materials, the discussions, etc and this will be available in the online database. The students can access this anytime they want from anywhere. With online teaching platforms like Teachmint, study material sharing is simple and effective.

2. No geographical restrictions

The pandemic brought in tons of restrictions along with it. We are restricted to travel and move. While we are battling a global pandemic, online classes has made it possible for education to move on. The Geographical restrictions do not come into play in the case of online classes.  Teachers can reach a larger number of students and they don’t have to restrict themselves. As mentioned, one of the major advantages of online classes is that there are no location barriers and it is accessible to anyone and everyone across the world. Teachers can learn and teach at the same time. Teachers don’t have to be within close vicinity for their students in order to conduct the classes. Be it tuitions or regular classes. They can conduct and attend classes from the comfort of their homes.

3.Cost Effectiveness

Online classrooms have brought cost-effectiveness to the table. Online classes are far less expensive as compared to traditional classrooms and schools and any other educational institution for that matter. Colleges and schools are expensive. Teachers do not have to spend on infrastructure and travelling when it comes to online classes. With platforms like Teachmint, the setup cost is Nil and it is easy to use.


One of the best advantages of online classes is that students can learn at their own pace and time. The same applies to teachers. They can schedule their classes accordingly. The convenience that online courses provide cannot be undermined. Virtual classrooms provide the students and teachers with control that traditional learning was never able to provide. Online classes during the lockdown in India opened doors to new opportunities and possibilities.

5.Prompt Feedback

Online classes give teachers the room to give prompt feedback. Communication has become simplified. Teachers can make feedback timely. With online teaching apps like Teachmint, evaluation of tests and assignments has become quick and easy. Teachers can track the progress and understand the level of understanding of students.

Online teaching is the present and the future. It is time for us to rethink, reshape, and redefine.

Teachmint is keen on changing the future of education with its advanced LMS and ERP tools. With more than 20+ modules for educational institutions like admission management, attendance management system, performance management, and more; it is changing the teaching-learning experience.

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