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Online Classroom- Tips and Tricks

Online classrooms have been around for a while, however, online teaching  became popular with teachers and students recently. Teachers and schools can now use the internet to distribute their content and lessons to students anywhere in the world, no matter what time of day they are available. Online teaching allows teachers to reach out to more students, from different backgrounds and cultures. With this comes the opportunity for more interaction, which makes this style of teaching more interactive - a great way for students to learn from each other as well as themselves.

Online classrooms are different from traditional classrooms. The dynamic, the environment, everything can be different and there are many aspects of teaching that one must take into account to be successful. Among the most important are student engagement, staying on topic, and understanding that not everyone learns the same way. Lessons should also be engaging and interactive so students don't get bored. Teaching is a demanding profession but it can also be very rewarding.

1. Engaging Lessons

It is important to attract and capture the attention of the students. In online classrooms, students might lose focus and student engagement. For example, one of the most helpful tricks is to start off by choosing an activity that is simple but challenging enough to hold the students' attention. Other tips include: creating a signal that says it's time for students to share what they know, using visuals such as photos or YouTube clips, and not giving up during prep time.

2. Prepare. Practice. Perform

To remove the element of surprise and ide the students with all the materials they need for the lesson including handouts, video tutorials, and textbooks. Be friendly and be clear in your instructions. If you want to keep the class active, get them up and moving or get them doing group work.

3. Identify the Learning Style

Teachers are often looking for ways to enhance their teaching skills so they can reach more students. Teaching styles should be modified to include the different learning styles of students. There are many tools available to help teachers deliver the content in a more interactive way, such as digital textbooks. Teachers also need to get out of the lecture mindset and embrace group work and experiential learning.

4. Clear Picture

Most teachers do not need to go into the classroom with a fully-developed lesson plan. It is better to know what you want to teach and what you want students to learn. This will allow you to make adjustments in your lesson plan as necessary. If you can clearly define objectives and deliverables, this makes it easier for all of the participants in the lesson: students, teachers, and parents. You might even consider posting these up on the online noticeboard or chat box in the online classroom at the beginning of class for reference!
Teaching is a rewarding and fulfilling career . However, the stress of the profession can be difficult to manage. In addition to what we have discussed above, there are many strategies that teachers can use to reduce their stress including teaching yoga or meditation techniques, working out before or after school, eating healthy, and setting aside time for themselves.

As classes move online, it is of paramount importance to take time off to take care of yourself. Get your students to switch on the video and do a fun activity together, identify gaps for a quick game, have a relax session etc. This will help to boost the morale of students and make the online classroom more active.

It is of  utmost importance that you supply the students with the necessary tools and platforms to make learning a fun, interactive experience. The way you teach today will shape the world as we know it in many years to come. Happy teaching!

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