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Grow Your Online Coaching Business in a Single Step

  • Anagha Vallikat
    Anagha Vallikat

Being able to control your schedule, the comfort of one’s own home, ease & convenience, cost-effectiveness are some of the reasons why online coaching is on the rise. Online coaching is equally beneficial to both students and teachers. A lot of teachers are new to the digital mode of education and they find it difficult to scale their business online. While the online mode of education opens door to new opportunities and chances, one needs to know how to leverage themselves and how to grow the business. You don’t have to invest a fortune in your online business to be successful. You just have to be smart about the choices that you make.

When it comes to how to grow an online coaching business, a lot of teachers think that they have to put in a lot of money, and hard work. While hard work is essential for the success of any business, spending a lot of money is not always necessary. So what is the one simple step that teachers have to do to grow their online coaching? Create your own website!

Creating your own website is of the utmost importance when you have online coaching classes. Here is why:

The Importance of Having a Website

Five Benefits of a Website

Here, we have listed five important benefits of a website and as mentioned above, it helps to grow your online coaching.

1. Brand Promotion and Visibility

You might have chosen an online coaching app to teach and coach your students. Now, the number of people who know about your online coaching might be limited. In order to grow your coaching, more people should know about you. A website will help you achieve this. You can promote your brand and get more visibility with ease. It makes it easy for people to find you and reach you. With Teachmint, you can create a website within a few clicks. You just have to fill in the domain name that you need and if it is available, click on confirm, and then, you just have to fill in the basic details that you want to be reflected on the website. That’s it! You have your own website. It is that easy and super effective. Click here to see how the website would look like.

2.Around the Clock Online Presence

An online coaching app is most certainly inevitable. But, you cannot be on the app 24/7. A website ensures an around-the-clock online presence. If you are creating a website using Teachmint, there is a contact button on the top. Students or parents can fill in their details and ask their queries and the teachers will be notified about the same. This way, the teachers have a proper idea about the people who are trying to contact them and this will inevitably help teachers to grow their online coaching.

online coaching class: website for tutors: grow your online coaching
online coaching class: website for tutors: grow your online coaching

3.More Reach

97% of the people, search on google when they need something. If you have a website, you have a higher chance of catching a prospective student’s eyes or the attention of parents who are trying to find online coaching classes for their children. A decent website will definitely get you more traction and more reach. As mentioned, you will get better visibility and hence your reach would be higher. There’s only so much that word of mouth can do. If you are spending a hefty amount on advertising, then fine, you might be able to get some eyeballs. But, why waste an opportunity to gather more people without spending a penny?

4.Saves Time

Since you can add a lot of important information such as your working hours, demo videos and likewise, you can save a lot of time that you would otherwise have to spend explaining to people. Demo classes are a great way to attract more students to your online classes. It gives a clear idea about how you teach and what your teaching methods are. This way, parents would feel like they are choosing the right teacher or online coaching.

5.Marks Professionalism

The credibility that a website adds to your online coaching cannot be overstated. It makes your online coaching look more professional and as we have stated in the above point, it will also help you save a lot of time.  It will also help you gain an edge over your competitors.

Online coaching classes on the rise. Online coaching for NEET, online classes for civil service exams, board exams, and whatnot! Having a website is a great way to stand out from the crowd.


Have you heard the story of the Elephant and the rope? If not, this is the crux of it:

In a circus, elephants were tied to a small stick with a small rope. A passer-by saw this and was astonished that such big creatures were held by a small rope. They could break the rope anytime. The passer-by enquired about this to the circus master and he said that the elephants are tied with the rope since they are young. The small rope is enough to hold them when they are young. They grow up believing that they can’t break out of the rope. They are conditioned to believe that they can’t break out of what is holding them back. The same applies to us as well. We are held back by comments that others pass, by unwanted beliefs and self-doubts. Just believe that you can and you are halfway there. That is an additional nudge to help you grow your online business.

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