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Online Education- An Overview

In recent times, the internet has changed the way the world works. Now people can socialize, shop, learn, and earn from the comfort of their homes. It has grown to be known as the most effective database ever made. More than anything, the internet has an impact on the education sector. With so many courses of online education available now, more and more people are opting for them.

Online education has changed the faith of regular classrooms. With an open-source of information, the internet is becoming the best teacher of all. Online education means a student can attend his school by logging in using his or her computer. Without going to any school, the student can get your degree.

If you didn't get an opportunity to complete your education, you have the option now. By opting for online education, you can complete your studies and get your degree. People can apply for any course that they like and get a degree for the same.

Online Education Programs

There are three types of online education programs:

  1. 100% online education- From the comfort of your home, you can easily attain a degree. 100% online education means you don't have to visit your school even once.
  2. Hybrid Course- This course enables you to complete your study with a mix of on-campus and online systems.
  3. MOOC- Massive open online courses enable teachers to reach a larger audience at the same time. It can also be called mass teaching.

Growth of Online Education in India

In recent years, India has seen an increase in the usage of the internet. The low-cost data, network availability, and the government's push have made access to the internet more diverse.

Because of this, India now has more users in rural areas than urban areas. In the year 2019, the number of internet users in the rural sector outnumbered the users in the urban sector by 22 million. People of the age group 16-28 years were found to be the most active internet users.

With this increase in the number of internet users, online learning in India has increased. People have become more aware of the available options. People can pursue and gain knowledge from any part of the world. Because of more and more users connecting to online learning, the Indian online education market is expected to reach $1.96 billion in 2021. It is estimated that the number of paid online learners will increase to $9.5 million in 2021.

Factors Affecting Online Learning

Certain factors are responsible for the growth of online learning. Some of which are as follows:

  1. Government- The rules set up by the government are very important in deciding the future of online learning. Projects and policies have to be developed, keeping in mind the growth of students.
  2. Affordability- The cost of learning in online classes is much lower when compared to on-campus training. The students save a lot of money on tuition fees and travel costs.
  3. Internet- With good data service and a low-cost network, people have access to the internet.

Are you interested in upskilling? Do you want to change your role? Do you also wish to change your pay scale? Then online learning might be the answer for you.

People are looking for options that can help them grow and teach them new skills that they can add to their skill list. For working people, online programs and courses have worked wonders. People who are too busy at work can easily enroll in suitable programs and reskill. The upliftment of one skill can help in opening new doors of opportunities. It can also help in gaining new experiences.

The UGC, in the year 2018, ordered many institutes to offer a small number of online courses. Seeing its increasing demand, the UGC ordered more famous institutes to make the online learning model a part of their institute. The UGC was responsible for looking over these online programs and developing the necessary rules for them. The guidance of UGC will ensure the quality of the online programs.

Role of Covid-19 in Online Learning

As the world stopped when Covid-19 hit, online learning platforms took an uplifting flight. With colleges and schools closed, all the learning activities were taken to digital media.

Students of all age groups were attending online classes to gain knowledge. There is substantial growth in the online industry since the beginning of the COVID era. With more and more people using digital platforms for gaining knowledge, the demand for online learning boomed.

Benefits of Online Education

There are enormous benefits of online learning in recent times, such as:

  1. Less expensive/affordable Online learning is low-cost. Students don't have to bear the additional expense of travel and tuition fees when they attend classes from their homes.
  2. More flexible- Any student can learn using online programs from any part of the world. You can select a time frame in which you are free.
  3. Communication skills- Through various debates and online discussions, you can improve your speaking skills. Online programs help in increasing confidence in people. Also, it helps you meet new people from whom you can learn new skills.
  4. Access to information- Through online programs, you get a ready stock of books and papers relevant to your course. It helps in increasing knowledge of that particular subject.


Adapting to the changing world can be tough, but it is necessary. With the increase in the digital world, online learning has gained popularity. Teachmint is one such platform where online learning is not only helpful to the students but also the working-class people. People who are too busy at work can enroll in these programs and upgrade their skills. Online programs are the future of India. Due to COVID 19, the world has already switched to online platforms. The online learning industry is thriving. It will continue to grow in the coming future. With the developments in data services and low-cost networks, the future of online learning is bright.

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