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Online Teaching Platforms- Advantages

With the advent of technology, many things have been donned into new avatars. The evolution of technology has been a boon, especially for the education industry. Who knew that we would face a pandemic and teaching will go online? This shift towards an online mode of classroom led to a growth in online teaching platforms. The online teaching model has also been successful as the platforms are offering quality education and personalized teaching using interactive tools.

Online teaching apps are not only less costly for students but also assure that learning gets simplified with interactive tools that give students the experience of a live classroom.

Coming to the advantages of online teaching platforms, they outshine those of the physical classroom in some way or the other.

Some advantages of online teaching apps include:

1) Suitable for every student needs

For every student, online learning seems an ideal option to access and consume quality education. The way discussion happens in an online teaching environment makes it convenient for everyone to ask doubts to a teacher, which many students find difficult to ask in a physical classroom structure. Further, online teaching is not only for students but also suits the needs of working professionals, who can upskill themselves at their convenience. As many people choose to learn on weekends or evenings, depending on their flexibility and comfort, online teaching apps are the best options.

2) Unlimited access to classes

Unlike traditional classroom instruction, online learning allows you to view the content as many times as you choose. This is especially important while preparing for an exam and revising. If you can not attend a lecture on physical learning, you will have to prepare for that topic on your own. However, with online teaching platforms, aspirants can attend lectures whenever they want with ease.

With online teaching, students from remote areas do not need to travel large distances within the country or abroad to attend a class, which saves money.

3) Quick delivery of updated content

With online teaching apps, any update in the course structure or topic gets delivered quickly by the teachers to the classroom. Unlike the textbooks where the learning is done through a fixed curriculum, in online learning, the teaching happens in a modernized way. The focus of the online teaching apps remains to depart quality education with the latest learning examples related to the topic.

This manner in which online teaching happens has shorter delivery cycles than standard classroom education methods. This means that the amount of time it takes to learn is lowered by 25-60% compared to traditional learning.

Following are some of the reasons why online teaching reduces learning time:

· Lessons are brief and can be completed in a single learning session. This allows training programs to be implemented in a matter of weeks, if not days.

· Instead of learning at the same pace as the rest of the class, students can set their own pace.

· The learner does not have to travel to the training location, which saves time. You can study in the privacy of your own home.

· Students can focus on select and relevant sections of the learning content rather than studying everything. They can, for example, skip through sections they don't wish to learn.

4) Cost Savings

When compared to traditional learning methods, online learning is less expensive. This price reduction is because learning in this mode is quick and simple. In terms of trainers, travel, course materials, and lodging, a significant amount of training time is saved.

This cost-effectiveness also contributes to an organization's profitability. You are also relieved of paying for travel expenditures when training takes place in another city/state and/or external learning materials while you study at home.

5) Online learning is effective

Online learning has been effective in improving the skills of an individual. The method has been effective for students compared to traditional methods as they can retain the information much better and further the ratings and certifications help them to gain credibility.

6) Environmentally friendly

Because online teaching is a paperless method of instruction, it helps to safeguard the environment to a large extent. According to a study on online courses, distance-based learning programs used 90% less power and produced 85% fewer CO2 emissions than typical campus-based educational courses.

Further, there is no need to cut down trees to obtain paper using online teaching. As a result, online teaching platforms provide a very environmentally friendly method of learning.

7) Time Management

Learning through online learning apps helps the students in managing time better than that in traditional classrooms. With a click, the learners can join the classroom and there is a lot of time that can be saved through online learning.

8) Mock Tests and Quizzes

Through online teaching, students can give mock tests and quizzes related to the course they are learning on a time-to-time. The students can quickly get the assessment after completion of their tests, which is not possible in a traditional classroom. Thus, online teaching platforms provide quick feedback to the students or learners when they take a course and complete question papers related to that.

Overall, there are many advantages of online learning. The online learning platforms have been introducing innovative ways of teaching and this has benefited a lot of students. Besides, amid the lockdown restrictions due to pandemics, online teaching has emerged as a preferred mode of teaching across the globe.

There are a plethora of courses that students or working professionals can choose through these online teaching apps, and take an edge in their careers.

Further, students should take a glimpse of the course that they want to pursue through online learning and can accordingly take a call to pursue it.

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