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5 Amazing Online Teaching Tips for Teachers

2019 has been unpredictable to say the least. We are fighting a global pandemic and there has been numerous shifts that we were not ready for. Among them is the shift to online teaching. However, with the availability of brilliant online teaching apps, the shift has been smooth and effective.

A lot of teachers lacked the breadth and depth of knowledge about online teaching, however, with time, teachers and educational institutions have started acing live classes and online education. This blog is a compilation of teaching tips from online teachers. We have discussed the basics of online teaching and the important things to keep in mind before you start teaching online, like choosing a good online teaching app, setting up a good internet connection and likewise, read more here.

Online Teaching Tips for Teachers

1.Record Your Classes

Recording your online classes will help you evaluate yourself better. Self-evaluation is extremely important in teaching. It helps you to reflect upon your own practices and to alter your style accordingly, if required. Recording your classes and saving it will also help students who have missed the classes to be on track and it also helps them to revise their lessons with ease.

Learn how to record online classes.

2. Be Flexible

It goes without saying that each kid is unique and different. There might be various types of learners in your classroom. There is no "one size fits all" approach in teaching and hence you will have to be flexible in your teaching style and strategies. Even more so when it comes to online teaching because at the end of the day, there is a barrier in between you and your students. Here is where the importance of choosing the right online teaching app becomes more prominent. You need an app that is smooth and efficient, like Teachmint.

3. Automate. Automate. Automate!

You need to focus on your teaching. Spending time on attendance, keeping track of students who have paid the fees and like wise shouldn't cost you time. You can use that time to interact with your students and to identify gaps for fun activities. With Teachmint, you don't have to spend time taking attendance and managing fees. It can be done in a click.

4. Share Resources

Sharing study material and other learning resources is important when it comes to online teaching. Your students should not feel like they don't have access to materials. ensure to upload study materials and other relevant content on time so that your students feel prepared. As mentioned, recording your live classes and sharing it will also help students and it would act as a study material.

5. Make Your Sessions Interactive

A classroom should always be an open platform for conversations. Be it a traditional classroom or an online classroom. You need participation. You require interaction to ensure effective learning. As a teacher, your responsibility is to create an inclusive classroom where the students have a space to voice out suggestions and ask questions. You need to feed their inquisitiveness and curiosity.

For all the online teaching tips that we have mentioned here, the most fundamental thing that a teacher need is an excellent online teaching platform. A disconnected and complex platform comes in the way of online classes and reduces the efficiency of learning.

We hope the online teaching tips works for you. If there is anything that you would like to add to the list, please do drop them in the comments section. We will be back with yet another informative blog, until then, keep learning, keep growing and Happy Teaching!

Teachmint offers the most sophisticated integrated school platform for the 21st century, bringing together the most effective elements of teaching, learning, and management together under a single roof. To know more about our features like performance management system, visit our website! Explore the range of our offerings like the lms portal.

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