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Teacher from South Delhi Witnesses 20x Growth in the Number of Students After using Teachmint

Anil Mehra from South Delhi is synonymous with dedication and commitment. He has been teaching for more than 20 years and it is an integral part of his life, to say the least.

“ When the lockdown was announced, life as we know it came to a standstill. I was clueless about how to continue my coaching business. Didn’t know how we would survive.”

Anil Mehra has been running a coaching business for twenty-two years now. More than two decades into teaching is a herculean feat. He handles subjects like Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, and Income Tax. When the lockdown was implemented across the country, he had multiple questions in front of him. He didn’t know much about online classes and hence had to put a pause to teaching for a brief period of time.

He hopped back soon and started teaching via zoom. Initially, he had just five to six students online and faced a line of struggles like poor audio quality, poor video quality, and likewise. He found a significant difference between online teaching and traditional teaching. It was a little weird in the beginning but he studied more about online teaching and got himself more confident. He recorded videos and tried sending them to students via Whatsapp but again, the video quality was an issue and there were limitations when it came to the video size.

Another major trouble that he had was in taking attendance. Initially, he used to bring in his register and take time out to mark attendance and to understand who has come and who has not. He found this time consuming and tiring. In addition to this, he had to bring the students who missed classes up to speed and all this was a hassle.

"Teachmint is a life saver. There’s nothing that I don’t like about the app. I love how attendance is automated and how easy it is to reach more number of students while staying home. The quality of Teachmint is a class apart from the rest of the apps."

Anil Mehra is taking classes for more than a hundred students through Teachmint. He is relieved that Teachmint doesn’t take up much space and that the recorded live classes are available in the app itself.

“I have suggested Teachmint to all the teachers I know and I would urge all teachers to try Teachmint atleast once and I am sure that they wouldn’t leave Teachmint once they get a taste of it.”

He went on to talk about the online whiteboard feature and the fact that students can also use the web version now. He added that seeing the features that Teachmint provided, he thought that it was a paid app and he was ready to pay but it shocked him that Teachmint was free.

Anil Mehra was not tech savvy nor did he know anything about online teaching. He had a problem and found a permanent solution in Teachmint and he says that he couldn’t have found a better one. He also added that even when things get back to normal, he will continue teaching online since online teaching has helped him expand his boundaries and increase the number of students that he can reach. Teachmint is extremely proud to be a part of the journey of teachers who are as inspiring and motivational as Anil Mehra.

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